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Bouygues and Orange in panic, this operator releases a thunderous package

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If you are not convinced by your current plan, it is high time to change it. Precisely, Prixtel offers flexible mobile plans, which prove to be perfect for allowing you to make big savings. With these, you will be billed as close as possible to what you actually consume. Rather than limiting yourself to a fixed quantity of internet for a price that never changes, Prixtel gives you the possibility of changing the envelope according to your needs.

This saves you from having to pay for your full package when you only use half of it. Or, opt out of the package when you exceed the allocated amount of data. Currently, at Prixtel, .

To find out more about this Prixtel package, it's here:

This obviously includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and from abroad (EU and DOM), as well as 15 GB usable in roaming, from these same destinations. The SIM or eSIM card, your choice, is offered at 10 euros, which must be paid when you register. This will reach you by post, generally within 48 hours.

If you want to start making real savings on this expense item, this is clearly the best solution available to you. Especially since the packages offered by Prixtel are without obligation. You are therefore free to waive it and terminate it whenever you want, without notice or proof.

Flexible mobile plans: the reasons for their success

As was said previously, . These have the advantage of being able to offer you an additional amount of internet, for a small extra charge. In the case of the Le grand package, you have up to 100 GB for 9.99 euros. This is the basic rate and envelope, to which can be added two additional internet extensions of 30 GB each, billed at an additional 3 euros.

Thus, between 100 and 130 GB you will be billed 12.99 euros per month, and between 130 and 160 GB it will cost you 15.99 euros. A clever operation therefore, which saves you from having to change your mobile plan regularly, allowing you to never run out of internet, when your needs are greater than usual. By going to the Prixtel website, you can see other mobile plans which use the same principle.

Besides The Big One, there is also one called “Oxygène, another ‘The Little” and finally a last one called 'The Giant'. In terms of telephone services, they are strictly identical. Only the internet envelopes differentiate them, with also the possibility of taking advantage of 5G, only for the The Giant package. You can find all the details and the price list of all these offers, directly on the Prixtel website.

It is important to specify that Prixtel is a virtual operator. In other words, the latter does not have its own infrastructure, but uses the SFR network. By taking a package from them, you will therefore benefit from the same quality and network coverage as their subscribers, with a major advantage, which obviously remains the price. Who says virtual operator, also says 100% dematerialized services.

No physical stores or advisors, but a web space and a mobile application to manage your package. In terms of customer relations, Prixtel strives to offer the best possible assistance. As a result, its customer service is known to be efficient and responsive when it comes to helping its subscribers. Yet another reason to choose it as a trusted partner, always at your disposal when you need it.

Change plan simply, in just 5 minutes

If previously it was necessary to send registered letters to terminate a contract with an operator, it is now much simpler. Everything is now done online, from the internet. After choosing the mobile plan that best suits you, simply enter your personal information. At Prixtel, you can either keep your current telephone number or request a new one.

If you want to keep the one you already have, it’s very simple. Simply enter your RIO code when registering. This is obtained by calling 3179 (free call) from your current line. Once in its possession, Prixtel will then take care of the transfer of your number to it, and in the process, the termination of your package with your former operator. As simple as that!

When you decide to change operator again, the procedure to follow will be the same. In less than 5 minutes, you can subscribe to a mobile plan, from your sofa, without having to travel. And as we said, Prixtel packages are without obligation. So you can try them for a month and see if they suit you. If they don't do the job, simply cancel, without any additional costs.

To see all the current mobile offers, it's here:

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