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Price of the Apple Vision Pro: what prices will be offered in France ?

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The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset has not yet been released in France. Its price is not known either. However, we assume that it will cost 4 249 euros (for the basic version with 256 GB of internal storage). This is a relatively high price, especially compared to the options offered by the competition. The base price of the Meta Quest Pro, the main alternative at the moment to the Apple firm's mount, is thus set at around 1,200 euros. More than three times cheaper.

The price of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States is, for its part, already known. We know that the mixed reality headset is available from $3,499. However, this is an amount which does not include any taxes, the value of which may change depending on the location of the buyer. Please note, moreover, that the price increases depending on the desired storage capacity. You have to pay the tidy sum of $3,699 for the version with 512 GB of memory, compared to $3,899 for 1 TB. These figures do not take into account the space occupied by the operating system, visionOS, the second edition of which should arrive at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

Our method for estimating the price of the’ Apple Vision Pro

To calculate this price, we analyzed the prices of other devices available today on the Apple Store. The sixteen-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max chip (14-core CPU + 30-core GPU + 1 TB of storage + 36 GB of RAM) is therefore offered at $3,499 in the United States. That is the same amount as that requested by Apple to buy its 256 GB Vision Pro. However, the same laptop is today offered at 4,249 euros in mainland France. Hence our estimate corresponding to this sum, to buy the Apple Vision Pro in France. Of course, this hypothesis remains to be considered with caution today. We are waiting for a press release to confirm the figure. This should be the case before June 10, the date of the WWDC opening keynote, according to TFI Securities Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

But then, why such a high price, even though 3,499 dollars corresponds to approximately 3,300 euros at the time of writing these lines? This may be 8217;explain in several ways, actually. On the one hand, you should know that carriers arriving at the gates of the Schengen area must pay serious customs fees. However, we know that Apple Vision Pros are assembled in Asia. On the other hand, let's not forget that VAT, which does not exist with Uncle Sam, still represents almost 20% of the price with us. #8230;

Cheaper Apple Vision Pro ?

4 249 euros, very little for you ? It’s understandable. The good news is that Apple has already understood that such a price is clearly not within the reach of everyone . To remedy this, it is rumored that Tim Cook's company wishes to unveil a new, more affordable mixed reality headset (around $2,500) in a few semesters. The device, perhaps called Apple Vision, could thus see the light of day around 2027 in Europe, with a revised technical sheet but optimized comfort. Information which, again, remains subject to caution, although coming from the same researcher who has regularly been correct in the past.

Otherwise, be aware that Apple Vision Pro are already available in France on certain resale sites between individuals, with prices more affordable than the more than 4,000 euros previously assumed. Currently, an edition for 3 500 euros is for example available on Leboncoin.

The Apple Vision Pro could, in the long term, represent no less than five hundred billion dollars in revenue for Apple. That is more than the iPhone division today, which the company plans to soon replace with augmented reality solutions such as connected lenses or glasses.

  • L’Apple Vision Pro should cost 4 249 euros in mainland France (256 GB version)
  • The price of the Apple Vision Pro is currently only known in the United States
  • Apple should confirm price and release date before June 10

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