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Boycott X: what is this number 1 application for downloads on iPhone ?

Available since the end of 2023, the "Boycott X" now dominates the top rankings in the App Store.

"L'Oréal is one of 12 groups supplying palm oil, responsible for the destruction of forests tropical diseases and land grabbing from local communities. That's it! what you can read when inquiring about a product within the "Boycott X" application.

It now sits at the top of the rankings of free applications alongside Google, La Poste and France Identité. & quot;Boycott X" is an application launched in December 2023 by Chady El Tabaa. Rated 4.8/5 on the App Store, the application regularly receives very positive reviews, particularly for his side practical and committed compared to &agrav; news international. Its slogan clearly sets the tone: "consume with conscience".

Its principle is simple: scan the barcode of a product of your choice & through the application and the latter will tell you whether the manufacturer of the product is at the heart of a boycott operation or not.

To do this, Boycott X relies on three main categories:

  • Human rights: the application gives greater priority to companies that respect human rights and promote ethical and responsible commerce.
  • Animal rights: Boycott under the scope of investigations or jurisdictions having revealed non-respectful acts towards animals.
  • Environmental rights: products and groups that are not respectful of the environment in their actions are labeled within the application.< /li>

Boycott X: what is this number 1 application for downloads on iPhone ?

Screenshots of the 'Boycott X" © Boycott X/Chady El Tabaa

So if the product you are scanning is listedé on one of the application's boycott lists, the latter will tell you. It is then possible to obtain information with a summary. of the boycott linked to to the product or the manufacturing group of the latter. The application also provides the sources of the cases stated so that the user can do their own research and/or learn more about the situation and the facts reproached.

Victim of his success, the creator of the application has already failed. announced having received multiple threats and redemption attempts following à the release of "Boycott X". Attempts which, however, do not seem to have overcome the motivation of Chady El Tabaa who has already expressed his intention to venture into the market American.

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