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Google strengthens its Chromebooks with AI: here are the new features

In 2023, Google launched Chromebook Plus: a more powerful category of Chromebook designed for AI. © Google

Chromebooks, using Google's Chrome OS operating system, are positioned as affordable alternatives to high-end Windows PCs and Macs. Indeed, although these devices generally cost less, they offer a fluid interface, regular updates, and good battery life. And for more demanding consumers, Google has created a new category called Chromebook Plus, with more attractive technical sheets and more features.

While it is fully in the AI ​​race, Google has just announced a series of new features based on this technology for Chromebook Plus. Among the most important announcements is an improvement to “Help me write”, the writing assistance feature. In fact, it is now integrated into the operating system on Chromebook Plus. So, whether on a website or on a PDF document, the user can select a text, then right-click to use AI to reformulate the selected part. However, it is important to note that “Help me write” is still only available in English, but it will support the French language later.

Google strengthens its Chromebooks with AI: here are the new features

© Google

Better access to Gemini

Otherwise, Google is also making access to Gemini artificial intelligence easier on Chromebook Plus, by offering a new shortcut. And for new Chromebook Plus users, the firm announces that it will offer 12 months of Google One AI Premium subscription. This allows you to use Gemini Advanced, the most powerful version of the Gemini model, 2 TB of storage and integration of Gemini AI on Google productivity apps.

Chromebook Plus users will also have access to the “Magic Editor” feature on the Photos app. Thanks to AI, it makes it possible to move elements of a photo with great simplicity. Otherwise, Google will also offer an AI capable of generating wallpapers, as well as background images for video conferences.

Google strengthens its Chromebooks with AI: here are the new features

© Google

Other new features for all Chromebooks

The good news is that Google also announced new features for simple Chromebooks (without the “Plus”), which cost less. For example, the firm offers a new way to configure a machine during the first use: the user will only have to scan a QR code on their Android smartphone for the computer to record the Wifi codes as well as Google account login information. In addition, all Chromebooks will integrate a new interface which will allow the user to better monitor the tasks recorded on their account.

Otherwise, the press release published by Google mentions also other features it will launch later. For example, the firm indicates that it intends to offer a feature called “Help me read” on the Chromebook Plus. Thanks to this, it will be possible to ask the AI ​​to summarize a document, and even to ask questions related to the content of this document.

Google strengthens its Chromebooks with AI: here are the new features

© Google

  • Google continues to focus on AI by announcing new features coming to Chromebook Plus
  • This will also offer 12 months of free access to the most powerful version of Gemini to new Chromebook Plus users
  • And the firm is already preparing other new features , including an AI-based functionality that can summarize documents and answer user questions about these documents

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