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British adventurer completes running across Africa in Tunisia

He ran more than 16,000 kilometers, from the south to the north of Africa: the Briton Russ Cook concluded this crazy adventure on Sunday in Tunisia to become the first person to do so. having gone through the African continent running.

Russ Cook, 27 years old, arrived at the end of the afternoon at Cape Angela, in the far north of Tunisia, in front of a stele in the form of a sculpture of Africa whose base bears the inscription “The northernmost point of the African continent”, noted AFP journalists.

Members of his family, who warmly embraced him, and Dozens of Tunisians cheered him upon his arrival after his incredible journey.

He left the southern tip of South Africa on April 22, 2023 for his “Project Africa”.

< p>Between the two, he crossed sixteen African countries, covering more than 16,250 kilometers, the equivalent of 385 marathons in 351 days. The young man, nicknamed “Hardest geezer”, ran in mountains, rainforests and deserts, including of course the Sahara.

British adventurer completes running across Africa in Tunisia

British runner Russ Cook, April 7, 2024 in Cape Angela, northern Tunisia © AFP – FETHI BELAID

“I can't believe it's almost over,” he wrote on the social network X on Sunday morning. Several people accompanied him for his last kilometers. “We have come a long way,” he also wrote on Saturday.

He arrived at Cape Angela with a long red beard, which he hasn't cut in months.

His crossing of Africa was not a long, quiet river.

After traveling across South Africa and Namibia in 50 days, he and his team were robbed. Cameras, phones, cash and passports were stolen in Angola.

He also had to interrupt his running for a few days due to physical pain.

In the Sahara, he had to run at night to avoid extreme heat.

British adventurer completes running across Africa in Tunisia

British runner Russ Cook () during the last stage of a journey of more than 16,000km, April 7, 2024 in Cap Angela, northern Tunisia © AFP – FETHI BELAID

Russ Cook managed to raise more than 574,000 pounds sterling (668,730 euros) which he will donate to the British charity Running Charity, which helps homeless young people.

Before his departure in February 2023, he explained to the British agency PA that his goal was to make the most of life.

“I'm a completely normal guy, so if I can do this, I hope people can apply that to their own lives, in the way that 'they will choose,' he said.

“For 99% of people, it won't be about running across Africa, but maybe to pursue their dreams a little more.

He didn't plan to rest when he arrived at Cape Angela. A party is planned and he has already planned to enjoy a Daiquiri.

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