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Ukraine 'will lose the war' against Russian invasion without US help, warns Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Sunday that his country would lose the war if expected $60 billion in U.S. aid remains blocked in Congress , at the moment when ù Russia is increasing its pressure in the east of the country.

“If Congress does not help Ukraine, Ukraine will lose the war,” declared Mr. Zelensky in a serious tone during a videoconference exchange with ambassadors of the platform of Ukrainian government fundraiser, United24.

“Without support from Congress, it will be difficult for us to win, or even survive” as a country, he said. -he insisted, according to a video of his intervention broadcast on his social networks.

“If Ukraine loses the war, other states will be attacked,” the Ukrainian president further warned, estimating that Russia, which invaded the neighboring state in February 2022, would then raise the nuclear threat to frighten the Western societies.

The American program of military and economic assistance to Kiev, amounting to 60 billion dollars (55.3 billion EUR) is blocked in Congress since last year due to divisions between Democrats and Republicans, while the presidential election is looming next November.

Its adoption is suspended at the goodwill of supporters of former President Donald Trump, who refuse to examine the text as it stands, due to a dispute on the regulation of immigration in the United States.

Congress returns to session on Monday after a spring break.

Ukraine 'will lose the war' against Russian invasion without US help, warns Zelensky

Ukrainian soldiers fire mortars during training with French soldiers in Poland, April 4, 2024 © AFP – Wojtek Radwanski

kyiv has been asking its Western allies for more munitions and air defense systems for months.

While awaiting a decision, Ukrainian soldiers are forced to save their ammunition and face a confident Russian army, which has repelled a major counter-offensive by the Kiev army in the summer of 2023. < /p>

– Logistical routes threatened –

The Russian army, more numerous and better supplied with ammunition, is gradually pushing forward the eastern front, and has regularly struck Ukraine's energy infrastructure in recent weeks, plunging thousands of civilians into darkness.

Ukraine &#39;will lose the war&#39; against Russian invasion without US help, warns Zelensky

A wounded Ukrainian soldier, treated near Chassiv Yar (east), April 3, 2024 © AFP – Roman PILIPEY

The Ukrainian army thus recognized on Sunday that the situation around Chassiv Iar, a small town located southeast of the important Ukrainian railway and logistics hub of Kramatorsk, was “difficult and tense”.

The Russians have intensified their pressure around Chassiv Yar in recent days, this key locality in the Ukrainian Donbass now finding itself “under constant fire”, according to kyiv.

The Russian army “uses infantry with the support of armored combat vehicles”, supported by “assault aircraft”, declared on Ukrainian television Oleg Kalashnikov, the spokesperson for a brigade engaged in the fighting on site.

“But all their attacks were repelled,” he said.

On Friday, local authorities installed by Moscow announced that the Russian army was advancing towards Chassiv Yar.

The DeepState Telegram channel, close to the Ukrainian army, reported that Russian soldiers were on the outskirts of the city.

If he seizes Chassiv Yar, “the enemy will also be able to threaten our logistical routes”, stressed Oleg Kalashnikov.

Ukraine &#39;will lose the war&#39; against Russian invasion without US help, warns Zelensky

Ukraine: positions of military forces © AFP – Valentin RAKOVSKY, Sophie RAMIS, Cléa PECULIER

Russian bombings also left three dead in the southern region of Zaporizhia and one in Kupiansk, in the east, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Russia, for its part, claimed that Ukrainian drones had attacked, injuring three people, the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant which it has controlled since the start of its invasion in February 2022 and which has since been the subject of accusations reciprocal relations between Russians and Ukrainians.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) indicated, without confirming, that it had been informed by the Russian side “that a drone had exploded on the site today”, and once again called on the parties to exercise restraint.

Russia also claimed to have destroyed 15 Ukrainian drones above of its border regions of Belgorod and Bryansk, now frequently bombed by the Ukrainians.

A young girl was killed there when the car in which she was traveling with five other people was hit, all injured, said the governor of the Belgorod region , Vyacheslav Gladkov.

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