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Buying a used vehicle is too complicated and stressful for the majority of French people

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Right now, used car prices are plummeting. For several months, the prices of second-hand vehicles have been falling and this trend should be confirmed in 2024. Compared to last year, there is a price drop of 4.7%, which represents around 1080 euros.

Despite prices that are more attractive than ever, the French are still struggling to make the switch to second-hand cars. Quite simply because the purchasing process is not sufficiently structured in their eyes. According to a survey by La Centrale, the leading site for used vehicle advertisements, carried out with the Kantar institute, 60% of French people believe that buying a used car is too complex, anxiety-inducing or time-consuming.

A discouraging purchasing journey

A car is the second most important purchase in the lives of French people. Right after purchasing a home. This is why consumers expect a better-supervised purchasing process when it comes to used cars. According to the La Centrale survey with the Kantar institute, 67% of French people prefer to turn to professional sellers and 42% rely on specialized sites. Due to a lack of trust in a seller, 56% of French people have already abandoned their plan to purchase a used vehicle.

Fear of coming across an unscrupulous seller or ending up with a stolen or pawned vehicle, the French need increased security and reassurance when purchasing their used vehicle. As the La Centrale study points out, the vehicle's history is just as important a criterion for buyers as the price or model of the car when we are talking about a used car.

According to Philippe Chainieux, general manager of the La Centrale Group, it is essential that French consumers can rely on independent trusted third parties to support them during their purchase but also during the recovery of their vehicle.

Note, however, that in recent months, the administrative procedures when selling or purchasing a used vehicle have been drastically simplified. Indeed, the government has launched the official Simplimmat application. The latter allows you to carry out the usual administrative procedures when selling or buying a used car in around ten minutes from your smartphone when you hand over the vehicle keys. It saves time, of course, but it is also more reassuring for both parties. Thus, both the seller and the buyer can immediately verify their respective identities.

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