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EU wants to force Apple to uninstall “Photos” app from iPhone

The new European standards & destination of the iPhone could well force Apple à add an option to uninstall flagship applications from the device.

For several months now, Apple has been bending over backwards to respect the new European decisions responsible for breaking the iPhone monopoly. This forced Apple à change the charging port of the iPhone, but also to change it. offer different default web browsers and app stores to provide more choices and alternatives to your browser. the App Store.

A few days ago, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner   competition and digital, spoke about as for à the arrival of potential new obligations towards Apple: “Manufacturers have an obligation to make it easy to uninstall their applications and install them by default. They must also display a selection screen for these. Apple's current policy does not seem to go in this direction. Apple even seems incapable of offering the uninstallation of certain applications like “Photos”. ;quot;.

By pointing specifically to the 'Photos" of the iPhone, Margrethe Vestager indicates that the installation of the latter by default, and the impossibility of installing the latter by default, and the impossibility of installing the latter by default. to uninstall it, does not comply with the new European standards for opening to the computer. competition.

However, if the "Photos" of the iPhone is quite impossible to use. uninstall, it does not prevent users from removing it from the home screen and switching to another application. "Google Photos" is particularly appreciated thanks to its many features and easy transfers to an Android phone.

Such a change within the iPhone would, however, remain complex. set up. "Photos" is not just an easy app to use. install/uninstall since it is at the very heart of the iPhone's operating system and would therefore require it to be installed/uninstalled. review iOS in depth. The European Commission could still impose Apple's decision to make every application on the iPhone easier to use. uninstall in the future.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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