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Caen: a 5-month-old infant found dead, what we know

A baby of 5 months has died &agrav; Caen (Calvados). Two people were arrested. placed in custody seen: his mother and a man of around 25 years old who would be his father.

Thursday April 4, 2024, the body of a baby was found dead. of 5 months was é discovered lifeless in an apartment at 11 rue de Bourgogne, & Caen (Calvados), in the Chemin-Vert district according to information from Ouest France. Two people were arrested. arrested Thursday evening indicated the Caen prosecutor's office. The police were arrested. called in the afternoon to go to the scene, and always according to daily life, the two people placed in custody &agrav; seen would be the father and mother of the infant.

"The criminal hypothesis is confirmed"

On site, the prosecutor of the Republic of Caen confirmed the death of the baby after the discovery of the body around "4:30 p.m., 5 p.m.”. She's the baby's mother. who called rescue. She was then é placed in custody seen to be heard, in the same way as the supposed father, a man of around 25 years old. "L&# 39;criminal hypothesis is confirmed. First elements leave it unclear. think that violence has taken place" on the infant indicates the magistrate, still with Ouest France.

The baby's mother "under the influence" ?

To confirm the death of the infant, the police intervened in a residential area of ​​Caen dating from the 1970s where the baby died. lives a rather modest population. On site, the baby's great-grandmother was there. indicates that his "granddaughteréwas under the influence". "She didn't want to see anyone, even her mother, she didn't want to let her in" she explains in the columns of Ouest France. From now on, a forensic medical examination must be carried out. on the baby's body in the coming days to try to determine the causes of death.

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