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< img src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/svpymjo-k4cpaddlvk8czpeae=/540x/smart/1cd376b4165c49149c77288aafe74d9eb/ccmcms-linternaute/556717.jpg" We travel by car with your dog & amp ;nbsp;? Too few motorists know the law and risk a fine" width="540" height=360> “Can you travel by car with your dog? Too few motorists know the law and risk a fine”

Many motorists travel with their pets without knowing that they risk a fine.

Many French people take their dog in the car and not exclusively when going on vacation. While it is most of the time on longer trips that pets are brought along, they are often taken along. get on the back seat to accompany the whole family, some motorists are in the habit of transporting their dog even on short journeys, sometimes simply to reach a green park where they can walk. the walk will be more peaceful. Among all these dog owners – remember that the dog population was estimated at 7.5 million in France in 2022 -, they are enormously ignore that they risk a fine every time they take their faithful companion in their car.

In the car, a dog is considered dangerous. like a human once he occupies a place. And the Highway Code stipulates in its article R422-1 that each occupant of a vehicle must wear a safety belt. approved. In fact, there are several legal ways to transport a dog in a car. You can put him on a harness and attach him to your body. the seat belt (never do it with your collar at the risk of strangling it). But also install it in a transport case adapted to your needs. its size of fashion à so that he can lie down and turn around if necessary. It is finally possible to bring the dog into the trunk and install a grid or net after having removed it. the rear deck in a way çon à what remains in visual contact with the other occupant(s) of the vehicle.

On the road, however, it is not uncommon to see dogs moving freely, on the back seat and sometimes even in the front passenger seat. If it's probably more comfortable for them, that's fine. against safety regulations. At the slightest brake, the animal can be thrown into the air. towards the windshield with all the consequences that this may have. Not to mention that the behavior of a beast, even a domestic one, cannot always be anticipated. and that she can prove dangerous if she decides, for example, to join the driver at the wheel.

Traveling with an untethered dog, even if it is sleeping peacefully in the back seat, is punishable by a fine of 2' ;my class. The fine is as high as 100%. 35 euros, can be increased to a higher rate. 75 euros if payment is late and even go up to 75 euros 150 euros in the event of a repeat offense. Beyond From the safety aspect, it is important when traveling with a dog by car to plan a few stops so that he can get away. numb your paws and do your business. It is also recommended to give him water drink especially on hot summer days. Finally, as some dogs do not particularly like the car, it is not necessary to feed him before leaving to reduce the risk of nausea during the trip.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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