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We see this every day on pedestrian crossings, but it is an offense and the amount of the fine is surprising.

“We see this every day on pedestrian crossings, yet it is an offense and the amount of the fine is surprising”

This very common offense on pedestrian crossings gives rise to fines. a fine of a rather extraordinary amount.

On pedestrian crossings, there are those who wait until they no longer see any cars to cross and there are those, more in a hurry, who take advantage of the slightest respite for rest ;engage. There are also motorists who stop to let pedestrians pass – sometimes collecting a small friendly gesture in return – and those who continue to ride as if the white stripes placed on the ground had never existed. However, these horizontal bands have adorned French roads since the 1970s, after having succeeded the French roads. to the nails, henceù the old name of zebra crossings. On these passages, most often located at at intersections or when exiting roundabouts, motorists are required to give priority to traffic to pedestrians, an obligation far from always being respected, we grant it to you.

Do not give way to someone else. However, a pedestrian can be very expensive in the event that it is too expensive. the latter has already arrived. engaged on the roadway. The offense is punishable by a withdrawal of 6 points from the driving license and a fine of 135 euros. The driver can even be prosecuted criminally in the event of an accident. But does the pedestrian always have priority? No, because he too can be overtaken? by the patrol. Also protected Regardless of the Highway Code, the pedestrian also has duties. That of not crossing the street when the little man at the traffic light is red is one of them. And this regardless of the traffic conditions.

Yet who has never gone through a street when no cars point à the horizon? The temptation is then great to anticipate the transition to green to save a little time. And even if you don't do it yourself, we see pedestrians crossing on red every day. Many may not know it, but it is an offense punishable by law. The police have in fact the possibility of to fine a passerby who crosses the street when it is not his turn. The amount of the fine incurred by the offender is also quite surprising. Very far from the 135 euros requested at the motorist who does not give way, the rebellious pedestrian risks a fine of… 4 euros. And be careful if he does not do not pay on time, the fine can go up to 7 euros!

For motorists, however, it is important to know that their responsibility is can still be engaged in the event of a collision on a pedestrian crossing with a passer-by who has crossed the path. to red. Indeed, as stipulated in the Highway Code, the driver must remain in control of his vehicle in all circumstances. He can therefore be prosecuted criminally if the accident caused the accident. bodily injury to the pedestrian, although not within the scope of the accident. the origin of the collision.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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