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This little-known tip among motorists can save you a lot of time at tolls

There is a trick to saving time at tolls but many motorists don't know it.

Every time we go on vacation or during long weekends, it's the same story. Before sipping a cocktail by the pool or taking your first sea swim of the summer, you should already have a good idea. spend long hours in your car to reach your little corner of paradise. Unless you leave at dawn, and even then, it's impossible to avoid traffic jams on the highway. The fault lies in the very large number of vehicles that invest the main roads at the same time, in breakdowns, in accidents, but also in toll barriers.

But not all motorists are equal when it comes to tolls. There are those who have a remote toll subscription and who can pass without stopping under the overhanging porticos of the letter "t" in orange. And then there are the others, all those who are forced to stop in front of the barrier to pay. Wait times are obviously longer, but there is a little trick that can save a lot of time.

For this you have to choose your line carefully. Several solutions are available to drivers who do not have a subscription: choose a lane indicated by an open green arrow at the left and right. All vehicles, choose a lane indicated by a credit card or choose a lane indicated by notes and coins. No doubt because fewer and fewer French people pay in cash, many motorists often favor lines marked with a credit card. The cars therefore generally crowd more behind these counters, while the passages are often smoother in the other lines.

First tip, you can take the paths topped by a green arrow. These accept all means of payment, credit card or cash. For checks or holiday vouchers, however, it is better to take a route equipped with a teller in person. Second tip, if it is less traveled in front of you, head towards the paths where there is more traffic. cash payment is indicated. So should you fill your wallet with coins and notes before taking the motorway? No need because it is often possible to pay your motorway fares by card blue when you come under the porticos mentioned by notes and coins. And too few drivers know it! Finally, last tip, know that most toll terminals are now equipped with the contactless payment system. That's still a few seconds saved…

Tolls are often used to finance the construction, maintenance and operation of highways. Toll revenues are directly allocated to the public sector. these needs, which helps maintain roads in good condition and finance new infrastructure projects. This year again, on February 1, toll rates increased. They cost on average 3% more than in 2023.

Teilor Stone

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