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Can your CEO be replaced by a robot? This company is testing it

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Since the launch of ChatGPT, numerous studies have been published on the impact that recent developments in artificial intelligence could have on the job market. And while generative AI will potentially affect job categories, some believe that one day it is possible that this type of AI could even run businesses. To test this, a Polish company called Dictator decided to do the test.

In 2022, it appointed Mika, a robot with human form and equipped with artificial intelligence, to the position of “experimental CEO”. Obviously, the announcement allowed Dictator, which sells alcoholic beverages, to create buzz around the world. But having this experimental CEO would also have technical advantages.

A video published by Reuters shows the robot leading a meeting. The robot would be responsible for the growth of the company, its communication, and even its strategy. During the experiment, the tasks assigned to Mika would have been extended. In the video, she talks about her advantages over humans: her decisions are made based on data analysis and taking into account the interests of the company, without personal bias. Another advantage: compared to a human boss, the robot does not rest and does not need weekends.

A promising, but limited technology

Interviewed by Reuters, Marek Szoldrowski, president of Dictator Europe, indicates that Mika is the CEO of Dictator, for real. With its data-driven approach, it provides an advantage to the business. However, he also assures that to date, CEOs still have nothing to fear.

Indeed, despite the advantages brought by Mika, the company's major decisions are still made by humans. For example, the robot does not hire or fire employees. In other words, Mika can perform some of the tasks of a CEO, but not all.

Just for your information, this robot was developed by the company Hanson Robotics Ltd., based in Hong Kong. Kong. This company created a buzz a few years ago by unveiling another robot of this type called Sophia.

  • The Dictator company named the robot Mika to the position of experimental CEO
  • Thanks to his data-driven approach, he brings a plus to the company
  • But for the moment, Mika is not involved in major decisions< /li>

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