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Apple says there will be no 27-inch iMac in the future

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“Apple will not produce a 27-inch iMac in the future.” This statement has the merit of being clear. To be sure, its author is very well informed. For good reason it is Starlayne Meza, official spokesperson for the apple brand.

In an interview given to the American media The Verge, he returned to the expectations of many users regarding the possible arrival of a 27-inch iMac. In recent months, several analysts have announced in turn that Apple is working on a large iMac. But according to Meza, things are notably different.

Apple does not and will not work on such projects. He also encourages people who would be interested in a 27-inch iMac to turn to the recent 24-inch iMac M3 (making a concession on the size of the screen) or to choose #8217;a Mac Pro and/or a Mac Studio with a Studio Display.

Change of tone in Cupertino

This way of communicating is, however, very unusual at Apple . When the Apple brand is generally questioned about a future product, it hits the nail on the head. “We do not communicate future plans” the Apple employee responds robotically.

But here Meza used a surprising and unusual strategy for Apple. The Cupertino company knows it better than anyone, communication is a game, a real game of poker and this declaration is in no way the result of chance. It has since been confirmed by other American media such as Ars Technica. This is therefore not an error but rather a desire for communication from Apple.

Push iMac sales by dashing hopes?

The strategy used by Apple seems to be the following. The Cupertino company is launching a new generation of iMac. In order to ensure sales to as many people as possible, she ensures that it is the “only” version of iMac which will be available in the near future.

Users who wanted to take advantage of a larger screen will therefore have to limit themselves to the 24 inches of the iMac M3 or else rely on an external solution like Studio Display. By doing this, Apple cuts the rug out from under rumors and forces consumers to make a choice.

Ultimately, this more aggressive than average communication should have positive repercussions on sales of iMac M3 and Studio Display at Apple. It will be interesting to watch Apple's next quarterly results to see if this is indeed the case.

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