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Car insurance, green sticker... This is what changes from April 1

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At the end of last year, the government formalized the death of the insurance sticker, the very one that we often take so long to replace each year in the lower right corner of his windshield. For some time now, the file of insured vehicles (or FVA) has allowed the authorities to list (and consult) all motorized and registered vehicles insured in France.

The end of the insurance sticker… but not insurance!

Thus, since the police can already very easily consult the validity of an insurance contract from the license plate, the insurance sticker no longer has the slightest interest. Also, from April 1, 2024 (i.e. in just a few days), the latter will purely and simply disappear, a bit like the ancestral “automobile sticker“, which was deleted in March 2005.

Car insurance, green sticker... This is what changes from April 1

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Note that if the green sticker disappears for cars and two-wheelers, it will remain compulsory for certain vehicles without registration. In the coming weeks, insurers will send policyholders a new document, the “memo”. It allows you to quickly have all the information on an insurance contract, in order to complete a report for example. The latter could easily be stored in a dematerialized manner, on a smartphone for example.

The physical nature of the insurance sticker also presented disadvantages, such as the risk of being fined by the police in the event of forgetting to renew the precious butterfly on the windshield. breeze, even if the driver is well insured.

According to the government, the removal of the insurance sticker will also help avoid the emission of more than 1,200 tonnes of CO2 each year . This corresponds to the ecological cost of printing and mailing millions of green cards.

Obviously, if the insurance sticker will soon bow out, “third party” insurance remains mandatory to legally drive your vehicle in France. Only the requirement of possession of the “green card” automobile to circulate disappears.

Finally, remember that if it is appropriate to keep your “memo” at their fingertips, law enforcement will be able to check the validity of an insurance contract by simply consulting the FVA from the vehicle's registration plate.

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