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Strawberries are already back on the shelves, should you buy them now ?

The strawberries are already ready. put on sale on supermarket shelves a few weeks in advance. However, should we buy them this month of March?

According to KantarWolrdpanel,Strawberries are the ninth most popular fruit among the French. Per year, each household consumes on average 2.6 kg. They will be delighted since the first strawberries of the 2024 season have already been harvested. is appearing in supermarkets and, what's more, they are mainly French strawberries. From April, they are a few weeks early. This trend has been observable for several years now. with strawberries ripening earlier and earlier on farms. This year, the harvest began. early March. The explanation is not very original and even quite obvious: climate change. "Winter wasé very mild in the South-East and there was a lot of light, particularly justified Emeline Vanespem, director of the AOP Strawberries Raspberries at Echos.

What varieties of strawberries are already available? present in supermarkets ? There are the cléry, quite large and very aromatic, which, according to a strawberry producer from the Farm du Marronnier for BFMTV, are the best variety in the world in this season. Gariguettes, queens of strawberries with a sweet taste and tangy, and the ciflorettes, more tender, are also already there. available on the shelves. You will have to wait a little longer for the muranos, firm and sweet, and the charlottes, sweet but with a touch of acidity. With quantities still remaining limited, the full season will really begin in April, with arrivals in particular from the South-West. She will until'é end of June.

Do we already need to? buy these strawberries? From a financial point of view, this can be interesting. According to Les Echos, it is currently necessary to count between 3 and 4 euros for a tray of 250 grams, prices varying depending on the brand. If you buy them now, you also have a greater chance of coming across French strawberries. The major competing production, that of Spain, fell behind schedule, the country having suffered greatly from the drought. 

In addition, these strawberries, even early, should not have their taste altered. The quality& oacute; depends more on the harvesting method than on global warming according to V&ronique Garcia, strawberry farmer interviewed by France 3, which favors natural heat to turn its fruits red.

Obviously, you will still have to be careful to choose your strawberries carefully. Check if the color is uniform and bright, with a very green collar and peduncle. The scent they give off is also important: if they don't smell good, put them down. Also check that there is no crushed fruit at the bottom of the tray. Finally, the seeds also provide clues: if they are well inserted and spaced apart, then the strawberry will probably be tasty.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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