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France Hacked work: what are the risks for the millions of French people concerned ?

France Travail was é victim of a cyberattack. What are the risks for the millions of people affected by this data theft?

France Travail, formerly Pole emploi, announcedé this Wednesday having beené victim of a major cyber attack, which could  potentially" reachedé 43 million people, had reported  BFMTV. " Continued à a cyber attack which we were exposed to victims with Cap emploi, personal information about you may be disclosed. 

France Travail immediately clarified that that banking information and passwords are not affected by the hack, before apologizing for this incident. Beneficiaries have no worries either. be done for their compensation. The disclosure concerns more personal data such as names, first names, dates of birth, addresses and telephone numbers but also identifiers France Work and security numbers social.

This stolen information could thus be “disclosedé and exploited in an illegal manner". Cybercriminals could in particular pass themselves off as France Travail, claiming reimbursement from carry out to push victims à provide their banking details.  France Travail clarifiedé that the organization never requests such information by email or telephone. Canvassing for fake jobs is also possible. You must therefore be vigilant regarding the messages, emails or SMS that you may receive. Do not click on any links or attachments that seem suspicious. It is also necessary to monitor your accounts. The other risk is identity theft. to then take fraudulent steps to without the victim's knowledge, such as for example credits. the consumption. France Travail has set up, à From this Thursday, a help number for victims (39 49) to support them.

Who was é touch&eac; ? Potentially all persons previously registered within the last 20 years as well as persons not registered on the list of job seekers, but having a candidate space on francetravail.fr". France Travail is obliged to individually warn all people affected by this data theft. This will be done gradually given the large number of people possibly affected. The CNIL was also investigated. warned. 

The attack reportedly took place between "March 5 6  but wouldn't have been spotted only this week. According to RTL, France Travail explainedé that the source of this piracy would be linked to &agrav; identity theft of several advisors from Cap Emploi, the branch of France Travail for job searches for people with disabilities. The hackers would have used these accounts to infiltrate the organization's computer network. Suspicious requests aimed at Exfiltration of a lot of data was then done. spotted. This cyberattack is reminiscent of that of last year when the personal data of 10 million job seekers were compromised. put up for sale on the dark web. 

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