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Carrefour mystery carts: can we find out their contents in advance ?

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Do you know the mystery carts ? In recent months, Carrefour and Auchan supermarkets have launched these offers, the concept of which appeals to many consumers. Concretely and in exchange for 50 euros, you obtain a trolley covered in opaque plastic which hides the items. These contain products costing three times more than the price paid.

Two pieces of common sense advice

Logically, customers would like to get an idea of ​​what these carts contain before purchasing them. If there is no way to know the full list of products included, our colleagues at Journal du Net suggest several tips to better anticipate.

Thus, each store decides on the composition of its cart, but it also happens that some offer themed carts. In this case, you will be able to better anticipate whether the items offered will suit your expectations and tastes.

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In cases where the supermarket does not provide any thematic information, you can observe the carts already opened by other shoppers. Although these are not always completely similar, you will already have an idea of ​​what you are going to get. Moreover, during recent reports, Le Parisien noticed that out of nine shopping carts examined, all contained identical products.

As a reminder, this initiative was born in an Auchan store in Dieppe. Jérémy Juan, the manager of this store explained to BFM Business:

We were in a meeting with managers and we were looking for an idea to boost sales, a small commercial innovation. An employee told us about an American show she had seen in which they sell mystery containers. We thought we could do that with carts.

Disappointed customers  ?

The movement was launched and dozens of other supermarkets have since followed suit. The phenomenon is also taking over social networks and in particular TikTok. While there is enthusiasm among customers, these initiatives also cause disappointment among some.

It should be noted that these carts often contain unsold items which therefore failed to appeal to the public. Furthermore, these amounts may seem modest, but spending 50 euros in a context of inflation is never painless and can cause frustration.

What&# 8217;it is important to remember:

  • Mystery carts are available in Auchan and Carrefour supermarkets< /li>
  • There are some tricks to knowing what's in them
  • Some customers express frustration with the contents of these last

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