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Qonto launches split payment: how to get up to €10,000 instantly ?

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The neobank dedicated to the self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses Qonto is launching what will be a real boost for its customers. Developed internally, its split payment solution therefore makes it possible to have sums of up to 10,000 euros available to pay invoices – all repayable in three monthly payments 30 days after obtaining the funds.

An interest rate of 1.17% per month applies. However, to better distinguish itself from traditional credit offers, Qonto specifies that the split payment request is not intended to cover purchases. Only the payment of an invoice can trigger the provision of funds.

Qonto responds to a request from companies, pessimistic about their access to financing in 2024

In doing so, the firm responds to a pressing need of small and medium-sized businesses while access to credit remains generally difficult in 2024. A banking barometer cited by our colleagues from Journal Du Net , states that 23% of SMEs are “pessimistic” even “very pessimistic” on their access to financing this year.

Qonto's new service adds to a complete financing platform intended to help small businesses finance their projects , up to 10,000,000 euros, all with a response within 48 hours. The solution developed by the firm is this time developed internally, allowing the neobank to better stand out in its offering.

This type of launch is a first for the firm which until now relied on partners like Defacto, Silvr, Karmen, Edebex and Riverbank. In total, more than 8,000 projects in France, Germany, Italy and Spain have been financed thanks to these efforts.

If you are an eligible customer, securing financing is as easy as going to the Qonto app. Once the application is open, go to the financing section. There you can choose between several partner financing offers, or split payment (the latter option may also be available in the Invoices section).

If your file is approved, the funds will then be immediately available in your Qonto account without further ado. The very first payment will take place thirty days after obtaining the funds.

  • After the launch of a platform of partner financing in 2023, Qonto launches a split payment service.
  • Eligible SMEs and self-employed people can, through this service, obtain up to €10,000 in financing to pay their invoices.
  • Enough to meet a real need for businesses in 2024, while many structures say they are pessimistic about their chances of getting a boost this year.
  • This option does not, however, work for direct purchases, being reserved for payment of invoices – it only allows repayments to be spread over a period of 3 months only.

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