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ChatGPT, a new weapon of mass seduction on Tinder ?

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It was the undisputed star of 2023, the ChatGPT software continues its momentum in 2024. The conversational agent developed by OpenAI will notably be invited aboard our vehicles, at Volkswagen for example, but also at Peugeot, and in particular the very ambitious e-3008. For several months, ChatGPT has been used for just about anything and everything, and recently, it was a Russian user who put the tool to use, to find the # 8217;love… on Tinder.

ChatGPT, new king of flirting on Tinder ?

What if we used ChatGPT to seduce partners on Tinder? This is the initiative that was taken by Aleksandr Zhadan, who found himself single in the course of the year. year 2021. Via Tinder, the latter reviews singles in Moscow, and sets about sending likes and other messages, without any results however.

It's then that the latter will decide to take advantage of ChatGPT to help him find his future conquest through a chatbot developed by him. Over the course of the updates, the tool becomes more and more efficient, so much so that Aleksandr Zhadan was able to (virtually) chat, via ChatGPT, with more than 5,200 women on Tinder .

Obviously, Aleksandr Zhadan had taken care to program his software by integrating his centers of interest, but also in such a way that it sent likes only to Tinder profiles which corresponded to his tastes in terms of women. . No alcohol for example, and no reference to the horoscope either.

After a little more than 100 meetings, the chatbot finally came across Karina Vyalshakaeva, a user corresponding 100% to the developer, who then decided to prohibit her chatbot from conversing with other Tinder users. Their relationship quickly develops, and the couple decides to move in together sometime in 2023.

And regarding their first exchanges on Tinder, via ChatGPT, Karina explains: “He spent a lot of time personalizing these messages, so for me it's nice when it's used wisely. I think the most important thing is our connection in real life, which is great.” So, in the end, it’s always love that wins.

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