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Surprise: this Disney animated film is getting a sequel and it’s arriving sooner than expected


Less than ten years ago, Disney took us to Polynesia to meet Princess Vaiana. Success is not long in coming. With Vaiana: The Legend of the End of the World, the heroine irresistibly drawn to the ocean allowed the studio to collect $600 million at the box office. world office in 2016.

Last year, for the first time in 8 years, Disney did not dominate the global box office. The company must therefore wake up. Why not announce, straight away, the sequel to the much-loved animated film Moana: The Legend of the End of the World ?

The sequel to Moana: The Legend of the End of the World comes out this fall

It's the surprise of the day! To make 2024 a better year than 2023, Disney has just announced a second animated film dedicated to the Polynesian princess Vaiana. In this new part, the strong and determined young woman, with a point of view of her own, will have to travel to the distant seas of Oceania and into dangerous waters when she is called by her ancestors. We imagine that, of course, the demigod Maui will be there to accompany him on this new adventure.

The most surprising thing about the announcement of Vaiana 2 is its extremely close release date. The new animated film will be released on November 27, 2024 if all goes well. So there are only a few months to wait before we find our heroine.

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But Disney didn't release Moana 2of his hat. Originally, the continuation of Moana's adventures was to continue in another format. Indeed, there was then talk of an animated series. But the company led by Bob Iger seems to have deemed it more relevant to find fans of the Polynesian protagonist in theaters for a longer format.

For its centenary, it seems that Disney is leaving nothing to chance. Enough to reconcile with its fans, who were relatively disappointed with the company's latest productions. Let it be Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star a few months ago or Avalonia: The Strange Journey in 2022, Disney has more difficulty convincing.

With the announcement of Vaiana 2, 2024 will definitely be a good year for fans of animated films. In the coming months, movie fans will discover Vice-Versa 2, Despicable Me 4 or still Kung Fu Panda 4… So many new opuses to very popular sagas.

Definitely, Disney is banking a lot on the character of Moana. Last April, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who lends his voice to Maui in Moana: The Legend of the End of the World told us that a film in live action dedicated to the heroine is currently being prepared. Although the project was in its infancy, we knew the actor would be there.

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