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ChatGPT down: AI assistant crashes

It has now been several minutes since Open AI's artificial intelligence has been down. ChatGPT services are currently unavailable.

ChatGPT is the victim of a global outage on the morning of June 4, 2024. The Open AI solution, now popular Egrave for its many capabilities likely to lighten your workload, has not responded for several hours to your requests. some users, particularly in the US.

On social networks, several Internet users have already commented. expressed their astonishment and questioned their subscribers about the ChatGPT outage. Another indication that the bug in question does not only come from users, but rather from the company's servers. The latter also confirmed êbe affected by a major breakdown.

The OpenAI company is therefore aware of the ChatGPT outage: the status page of the AI ​​solution clearly indicates that the latter is victim of bugs and malfunctions that could affect its use. The DownDetector site has also been reporting a peak in outage reports for several hours now.

ChatGPT down: AI assistant crashes

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At the latest news, it is still possible to access the ChatGPT website and even log in. However, it is not always possible to send requests to the user. artificial intelligence and everything you send goes unanswered. It is therefore advisable to wait until the outage is over before being able to benefit from ChatGPT services.

We will not fail to maintain this article à update with more information from OpenAI regarding the ChatGPT outage. In the meantime, it is still possible to use other artificial intelligence solutions like Gemini which belongs to the company. Google.

Latest updates

15:09 – The OpenAI website now indicates that it is assigned to by a "major outage"

OpenAI, the company that manages ChatGPT, is well aware of the outage affecting currently the site. The firm indicates that it is experiencing a "major outage" on its official website.

Down for almost an hour for many Internet users, the operation of ChatGPT seems to return to normal. normal for several minutes for several users. Don't hesitate to join us! refresh the wizard page to access it.

ChatGPT down: AI assistant crashes

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