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Streamers 4 Palestinians: charity event raises more than 600,000 euros for Médecins du Monde

A fund raised in support of the Palestinian people has already been raised. harvest 600,000 euros for the benefit of the Médecin du Monde association.

It’s a movement that seems to bring the French together around the same cause. While in recent days, the bombings à Gaza continues to intensify, a kitty in support of the Palestinian population has launched itself since Friday May 31 on the internet.

Under the name “Streamers 4 Palestinians”, this mobilization is sponsored by several streamers on Twitch including  Baghera Jones who accumulates, à she alone has more than 640,000 followers. From Friday, May 31 to Wednesday, June 5, 2024, she invites streamers from the Twitch platform à take turns for five days in a live broadcasté on the platform. Faces well known to the general public have already made themselves known. successors such as the journalists Clément Viktorovitch and Samuel Etienne as well as the internet creators Horty, Ponce and Angle Droit.

Since its launch, calls for donations have continued to multiply and in just three days no less than 600,000 euros have been raised. ; harvest. All of these winnings are entirely donated to the player. &agrav; the NGO Doctors of the World which intervenes in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by providing the necessary care to the victims.

L'élan de solidarityé did not stop in France since he reached the United States. On Thursday, May 30, 2024, around ten creators from Youtube and Tik Tok gathered at Los Angeles. The show “Creators for Palestine” broadcast live on Twitch collected $1.5 million for the benefit of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) and humanitarian organizations Palestine Children's Relief Fund, Medical Aid for Palestinians and HEAL Palestine.

Until’où will go the movement initiated in France ? Will it achieve its set objective? &agrav; 1 million euros  of donations ? To find out, you can follow the collection of donations in real time on the dedicated online site. "streamlabs charity" and follow the live performances of the different creators on their respective channels.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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