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ChatGPT will probably replace Google Assistant on your Android smartphone

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ChatGPT already competes with digital assistants like Google Assistant or Siri in answering users' questions. And OpenAI has made access to its artificial intelligence enormously easier by launching the ChatGPT mobile application, then offering an interface that allows you to interact with the AI ​​by speaking instead of typing prompts on a keyboard. However, to use ChatGPT on mobile, it is still necessary to open its mobile application.

A real assistant on Android

This could nevertheless change on Android, since according to an article published by our colleagues at Android Authority, ChatGPT could no longer later function as a real digital assistant on Google's operating system. For the moment, OpenAI has not made any official announcement on this subject. But, while digging into the code of the ChatGPT app on Android, Android Authority discovered code suggesting that this feature is under development.

The site indicates that it was even able to activate it, although the new feature is not yet fully functional. In any case, when this feature becomes available, it would allow users to access ChatGPT as if it were the smartphone's default assistant: by scrolling up from a lower corner or by doing a long press on the home button (on button interfaces). And furthermore, when invoked as an assistant integrated into Android, ChatGPT would not cover the entire screen but would appear in an interface similar to that of Google Assistant.

Limitations, despite everything

In essence, it seems that the goal of OpenAI is to facilitate access to ChatGPT on Android smartphones, which could boost its use. However, the OpenAI chatbot will still have limited functionality, compared to Google Assistant. Indeed, according to Android Authority, ChatGPT could not be invoked with a keyword such as “Ok Google” (a privilege which would be reserved for pre-installed assistants). In addition, ChatGPT should not allow us to control a smartphone or applications as we would with Google Assistant.

For the moment, caution is advised, in awaiting an official announcement from OpenAI. But it is logical that it wants to facilitate access to ChatGPT on Android, to the extent that Google is preparing a version of Google Assistant which will be boosted with generative AI and which will therefore be able to compete with ChatGPT for complex questions .

  • OpenAI already offers a ChatGPT application on Android, as well as a voice interface that allows you to speak instead of typing prompts on a keyboard
  • And according to Android Authority, this one ci now wants to make ChatGPT a digital assistant, more easily accessible, for the operating system
  • ChatGPT would then officially become a competitor to Google Assistant

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