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The new PS5 and its Spider Man 2 pack is available for pre-order

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  • The new PS5 “Slim” more compact and lightweight
  • A 1TB SSD (instead of 825GB)
  • Marvel Spider-Man 2 game at a reduced price

If you want to start the year 2024 off right, why not invest in a new video game console ? You don't yet have a PS5 ? This is very good, because the new PlayStation 5, available since November and which is available for pre-order and in a pack with the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on the FNAC website.

Indeed, at the moment, the two new PS5 models are available in a pack with the Spider-Man 2 game on the FNAC website. The Standard model is offered at (instead of 630 euros). The “All Digital” model is offered (instead of 530 euros). The opportunity to save a few euros and have the latest model of PS5 in your possession.

At the start of the year, the new PS5 models are offered in packs on the FNAC website with the Marvel Spider-Man 2 game. To discover the offer, click ;#8217;is this way:

As always with FNAC, you benefit from several advantages linked to your order. Firstly, you can benefit from free and fast delivery anywhere in France and to the address of your choice. You can choose a delivery location, whether to your home, friends or family. If you live near an FNAC store, it will even be possible to have it delivered, free of charge, to a FNAC store.

As always, you also benefit from a 15-day withdrawal period which will allow you to return your order if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Concerning your PS5 console, whether it is the standard or digital model, you benefit from a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Thanks to the latter, you will be protected against all possible reliability concerns and technical problems.

PS5: a new model just as effective

With this new PS5 “Slim”, you have in your possession a PlayStation 5, with the same characteristics as the original 2020 model, but with a thinner and less cumbersome. This new PS5 is more compact and lighter with its weight of 3.9 kg compared to 4.5 kg for the old model. The particularity of this new PS5 is that it has a removable drive that you can remove at any time (if you buy the PS5 Standard pack). The other small difference is the removal of the USB port on the front of the machine, replaced by a second USB-C port.

The other major difference is the integration of a 1TB SSD compared to 825GB for the old model. Thanks to this, you have an additional 175GB to install your games and applications. It is still a very powerful SSD, allowing you to put an end to loading times, allowing you to have a console with a very fluid interface and without slowdowns. Of course, with the machine's operating system, you don't really have 1TB available but around 850GB, allowing you to install around ten games without worry.< /p>

Performance-wise, there is no change. Thus, all games compatible on your PS5 will be compatible on the new PS5. You have the same CPU and GPU as the original PS5 with the AMD Zen 2 8-core, and the AMD RDNA 2 36 CUS of 10.28 TFLOPS. Thus, both versions have the same performance allowing you to offer the same renderings on your games.

It will thus be possible to play in 4K, and up to 120 FPS (for compatible games and under the condition of having a 4K television). This PS5 is compatible with HDR as well as VRR (variable refresh rate). This adaptive technology will prevent screen tearing to give you sharper rendering and even smoother games. The objective of VRR is to reduce the loss of FPS during your movements and travels. Which can prove very practical in certain games or during competitions. The PS5 is also compatible with Ray Tracing technology, allowing you to have more beautiful games and stunning graphics.

The PS5 is a backwards compatible console. With the latter, you will be able to play all of your PS4 games. But that's not all. Thanks to PS Plus (a PlayStation subscription service), you will have access to a multitude of games via the Cloud with PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and even PS VITA games. In total, more than 700 games are accessible, at no additional cost, and which you will be able to download and/or stream on your console.

The PS5 gives you access to new ways to play with PlayStation VR2. Access many virtual reality games now to discover new and exclusive experiences. Now you are no longer a mere spectator. Immerse yourself in your games and become a real racing driver in Gran Turismo 7 VR, face Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village VR or climb immense mountains alongside Aloy in Horizon Call of the Mountains and live incredible experiences.

With PlayStation Portal, you will be able to play anywhere via the Remote Play system and control your PS5 remotely to play even on the other side of the world.

And finally, with this PS5, you will be able to access a real entertainment HUB allowing you to entertain yourself with your favorite films, series and documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or even Apple TV+. But that's not all, it will also be possible to download the YouTube and Twitch applications to follow your favorite creators as well as Spotify and Apple Music to listen to your favorite music, podcasts and radio stations.

The PS5 is much more than a games console, it's a true entertainment HUB allowing you to have fun in many ways. Currently, the new PS5 is up for pre-order in a pack with the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on the FNAC website. The standard model will be offered at (instead of 630 euros), while the Digital model will be offered (instead of 530 euros). It's time to take advantage of this to start the year off right.

At the start of the year, the new PS5 models are offered in packs on the FNAC website with the Marvel Spider-Man 2 game. To discover the offer, click here ;nbsp;:

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