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Cholera in Mayotte: is the epidemic really under control ?

Despite the 65 cases of cholera detected at this time Mayotte and the first death recorded, the Minister of Health Fr&déric Valletoux wants to be reassuring about the epidemic situation on the island. But the NGO Doctor of the World does not share his analysis.

Despite; the proliferation of cholera in the Mayotte archipelago, the Minister Delegate said à Health Fr&déric Valletoux showed himself reassuring as to à the health situation. Guest from RTL, this Friday, May 10, he explainedé that the epidemic was "circumscribed" and emphasized the work of the state and health organizations on the spot. But the death of a 3-year-old girl carrying the disease, recorded on Wednesday May 8 by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), arousedé concern and provoked a reaction from MP Estelle Youssouffa who denounced "a collective shame, a health disaster".

The elected official was elected. joined by Dominique Voynet, the former director of the ARS of Mayotte, who describes a “catastrophic” health situation. Since the discovery of the first cases of cholera in Mayotte, it warns of the saturation of the hospital in the archipelago and the local situation which allows the spread of the disease: the ;failures in the island's sanitation networks as well as its lack of drinking water. Ra is an epidemic diarrheal disease caused by bacteria and is transmitted most of the time by blood. Contaminated water or food. In the worst cases, this disease can kill in just a few hours due to severe dehydration.

The difficulties of some inhabitants of the archipelago in gaining access to Drinking water would therefore be aggravating factors which would have led to the death of the young patient suffering from cholera. The patient in question was a slum dweller, like a majority of people. of Comorian immigrants who group together They alone make up a significant portion of the island's 48% of nationality's inhabitants. Foreign.

"An adequate response", but insufficient ?

The Minister of Health, Fr&déric Valletoux, however, insisted at length; on the microphone of RTL on the fact that the State will not abandon Mayotte and that "the answer is adequate". He assuredé that 3,700 people have already taken action été vaccinated and that vaccine deliveries continue. flock. But these measures may not be enough according to the coordinator of M├ędecins du monde, Marion Ramstein, who explained: on France Info,  this Friday, May 10, that  the health context   Mayotte is particularly difficult due to the unsanitary crisis linked to the epidemic. water which affects slum dwellers and more broadly all Mahorais.

The coordinator of the NGO believes that the government will not be able to act effectively   Mayotte is focusing its efforts solely on human mobilization to stem the disease "without taking into account the conditions of access to the disease' water and barriers that prevent the population from going to health facilities. On this point, the minister assuredé that the State will continue “water distributions as much as necessary”. Marion Ramstein recalls that cholera is a disease which with access to Water and care are easily controlled, but fear that in the current situation on the island, the reopening of water and water can be easily controlled. schools on May 13 leads to a spread of the virus outside the slums. 

The first cases of cholera imported from the Comoros were detected & Mayotte in March. The first person infected with the virus was quickly infected. treatment within the cholera unit of the Mayotte hospital center. As of May 10, 2024, "65 people affected" by cholera were recorded according to the Minister of Health.

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