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Here is the brand new WhatsApp

© WhatsApp

Change is coming to WhatsApp on iOS and Android! The Meta subsidiary had not changed the design of the messaging application much since 2021 – but that changes today as the firm is currently pushing one of its most important updates.

The underlying technology and features are what changes the least with this update. However, it will be difficult to miss the change. The first major evolution of this iteration is the introduction of a new color palette – all in shades of green.

Discover the brand new design of WhatsApp

The idea being to use more neutral tones and reserve the most intense green for elements that should attract the attention of users. Dark mode is also better rendered by these new color palettes, to better relax the eyesight and provide a more uniform experience on the smartphone.

Here is the brand new WhatsApp

© WhatsApp

Beyond that, the icons, illustrations and background of conversations evolve to deliver a more “fresh” . The small icons are more rounded and defined, and the application introduces new animations. The default background of conversations has also been revised to share the same feeling of change.

In a visual, the firm details the evolution of WhatsApp's design over time:

Here is the brand new WhatsApp

© WhatsApp

Taking advantage of the new version of WhatsApp is very simple since you just need to keep the application up to date. You can force this through the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS. Once is not customary, Meta is pushing this update at the same time in the two main ecosystems.

We note that the firm has made some small changes exclusive to each platform, somewhat breaking the universality of the application experience &#8211 ; even if it must be emphasized that we are ultimately talking about quite small exclusives.

On iOS, iPhone users are entitled to a new panel for attaching content (photos, videos, surveys, documents, files). On Android, we are talking about the navigation bar which is moved to the bottom of the screen. What better way to implement filters at the top of the design, to find chats or documents contained in a conversation more quickly.

Beyond that, WhatsApp continues to strengthen its popularity with users around the world. In 2024, the application will have some 3 billion users around the world, which still represents 37% of humanity loyal to the application &# 8211; all with fairly sustained growth (the application has gained 251 million users since last year.

According to the BankMyCell website, the total number of WhatsApp users is expected to reach 3.3 billion next year.

  • WhatsApp is currently pushing a major update to its design.
  • On the program, a new color palette and numerous changes aimed at unifying the experience.
  • Nearly 40% of humanity swears only through this application to communicate, which makes it the most popular alternative messaging in the world.

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