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From space, this startup achieves the unthinkable: establishing a Bluetooth connection!

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When you are still struggling to connect your AirPods 3 to your smartphone while complaining because the Bluetooth connection is unstable, Hubble Network laughs gently. Why ? Since the start-up has managed to establish a Bluetooth connection enters space. On May 2, the company announced that it had successfully connected two of its satellites more than 600 km apart. A feat never before achieved.

A giant leap for Bluetooth

On March 4, two Hubble Network satellites were successfully launched from Space Force Base Vandenberg in California, as part of SpaceX's Transporter-10 mission. Last week, these satellites accomplished an unprecedented technological feat: they received signals from a simple 3.5 mm Bluetooth chip .

An exploit made possible by a software update applied to standard Bluetooth devices. This update now allows these devices to connect to the Hubble satellite network, without requiring a cellular connection. You are probably wondering what this can be used for.

In reality, the ambition of the Hubble Network is quite clear: to create a global satellite network accessible to any device equipped with Bluetooth. If they succeed, the potential applications are quite numerous: Internet of Things (IoT), logistics or natural resource management.

The secret& ;nbsp;: Bluetooth Low Energy

If Hubble succeeded, it's because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a technology that differs from classic Bluetooth by its low energy consumption and its suitability for long-range transmissions.

According to an article published on the company's blog, connecting Bluetooth to satellites could ” multiply by 20 the&# 8217;energy efficiency and reduce operating costs by 50 times ”. Ben Wild, co-founder and CTO of Hubble, said: “ Our innovative approach allows existing Bluetooth devices to be integrated into the Hubble network without any hardware modifications, paving the way for a new era of connectivity. Innovative while remaining economical.

This technological breakthrough opens an infinite field of possibilities for IoT. BLE-enabled devices, such as sensors, trackers and wearables, will now be able to connect to the Hubble satellite network, transmitting their data in real time and over long distances.

< p>Hubble Network has truly challenged the limits of traditional Bluetooth technology, even though it is 26 years old. As Alex Haro, co-founder and CEO of the start-up, expressed it: “With nearly 5 billion Bluetooth devices sold annually, the impact of this innovation could be monumental ”. Yet another proof that certain technologies should not be put aside just because of their age.

  • Hubble Network successfully established a Bluetooth connection in space.
  • On the 2nd, they connected two satellites located 600 km from each other.
  • A feat, achieved thanks to the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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