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Christopher Nolan explains why Marvel movies bore us

© Marvel < p>In 2023, a turning point seems to be occurring in Hollywood. The major superhero franchises produced by Marvel and DC Comics have suffered several setbacks at the box office. The public seems to be turning away from it while on the contrary it has favored more unexpected productions such as Barbie and Oppenheimer.

And precisely, during a recent interview, Christopher Nolan was interviewed by Variety. The filmmaker tried to explain the impressive success of his feature film, which goes against what the major studios currently offer:

The box office clearly shows that audiences are looking for things they've never seen before. We went through a period where it was wonderfully reassuring for studio executives to think that their franchises could last forever and be predictably successful. But we can't deny moviegoers' desire for something new.

Martin Scorsese to the rescue

Of course, Christopher Nolan isn't quoting anyone, but many can feel targeted. Spin-offs, prequels, and other reboots are multiplying, and the public ends up wanting something new, which could help change the situation.

His comments complement other past statements from Martin Scorsese who had some pretty harsh words for Marvel. As part of his promotional tour for Killers of the flower Moon, he also gave a layer by explaining about current blockbusters:

The danger is what it does to our culture. Because there are going to be generations who will think that films are just that. They already think so. This means we have to fight even harder. (…) This must come from the filmmakers themselves. And you'll have the Safdie brothers, and you'll have Christopher Nolan, you know what I mean?

The one who ran Casino then added: < em>“What I mean is that this is fabricated content. It’s almost like the AI ​​is making a movie. And that's not to say that there aren't incredible directors and special effects artists making beautiful works of art. But what do these films mean? What will they bring? Aside from sort of consuming something and then eliminating it from your mind (…) So what does that get us?”

We won't settle this debate anytime soon, and besides, it is entirely possible that Marvel and its rivals will manage to get their act together and give us better films. The comic book universe is rich enough to leave a little hope.

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