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Discover the IONIQ 5 N, Hyundai's most powerful car< /p> © Hyundai

The Korean manufacturer is almost ready to unveil its future IONIQ 5 N, which will be the most powerful production car ever to leave Hyundai factories. It will be a sports derivative of the IONIQ 5, which is already an excellent car. You will see that Hyundai has not been idle, and that its future car has serious arguments to stand out from its little cousin.

An SUV on steroids

C&#8217 It was during the Los Angeles Auto Show that Hyundai developed its new vehicle. Equipped with a brand new 84 kWh battery, the IONIQ 5 N will be powered by a powerful powertrain of 448 kW or 609 hp. Power that can even peak up to 478 kW (650 hp) in N Grin Boost mode.

Based on the brand's E-GMP platform, it brings together the three essential pillars of the N series: performance on the circuit, agility in corners and sportiness on a daily basis.

This surge of power provided by its two engines allows it to reach 0 to 100 km/h in 3.25 seconds, which places it ahead of the Tesla Model Y in this exercise. The torque is also rather impressive, since it is 740 Nm in the most calmmode and rises to 770 Nm when the engine is used entirely by the N Grin Boost mode . For an everyday vehicle, we can say that Hyundai has thought big.

In the United States, the vehicle will be available in March 2024 in dealerships . But Hyundai didn't stop there and is already working on an even more powerful vehicle.

The future IONIQ 6 N

Although the brand has not yet officially confirmed the development of its new car, theIONIQ 6 Nis reportedly in development. Last year, Hyundai presented the RN22e concept, a derivative of the IONIQ 6 designed for track use. The future N will therefore be based on this concept and will always use the E-GMP platform.

Unlike the IONIQ 5 N, the 6 N will be fixed to the ground and aerodynamic >, equipped with a highly optimized Cd (drag coefficient) of 0.218. To give you an idea, the Porsche Taycan displays more or less the same result (0.22), which automatically classifies them in the very aerodynamic vehicles category.

< p>The RN22e concept is the first model in the N series to benefit from four-wheel all-wheel drive, with front and rear engines. At the time of its presentation, its power was 580 hp for 740 Nm of torque. We can therefore count on the fact that the IONIQ 6 would potentially be even more powerful. But that's just speculation!

Let's get back to the IONIQ 5, now that we know it's coming soon. As the first EV to pass into the expert hands of the N division (sports division), Hyundai seems to have worked well on its machine. On the other hand, it will come at a relatively high price, since it will cost 78,000 euros. Prices that we are not really used to seeing from this manufacturer, but which nevertheless remain in line with the logic of the current market.

  • The IONIQ 5 N has been revealed and is a sporty derivative of the IONIQ 5 SUV, priced at 78,000 euros.
  • With its maximum 650 hp and 770 Nm of torque, it passes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.25 seconds.
  • Hyundai is already working on the IONIQ 6 N, a track car derived from the sedan of the same name.

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