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Clermont - PSG: Paris loses two points at the bottom despite a bunch of chances, the summary of the match

PSG conceded; the draw this Saturday, September 30 on the Clermont lawn which was last before the start of this 7th day of Ligue 1. Clermont goalkeeper Mory Diaw was man of the match with 10 saves.

Clermont - PSG : Paris loses two points at the bottom despite a bunch of chances, the summary is: of the match

Clermont 0: 0

Clermont - PSG&nbsp ;: Paris loses two points at the bottom despite a bunch of chances, the summary of the match

PSG Live

PSG was hooked on the Clermont lawn despite lots of chances (0-0). The first period is dominated by the Parisians who take the match with, as at home, their habit, possession of the ball. The first opportunities are slow to come. intervene and it was even the Auvergnats who first showed themselves to be the most dangerous on express counter-attacks. But the biggest opportunities are, all the same, at home. put at agrave; the assets of Luis Enrique's men who come across a Mory Diaw of the great days. The Clermont goalkeeper disgusts Ousmane Dembélé à two times. From the first seconds of the second period, it was Gianluigi Donnarumma who stood out with two absolutely grandiose saves on his line (46th). This is the start of a chain of opportunities where Kylian Mbappé will hit the post on a very quick counter from the Parisians (54th). After a quarter of an hour of madness at the start of the second act, the game tightens up. But At the start of the last ten minutes, Gonçalo Ramos, entered; during the game, is close to making the decision but his dive is over. is miraculously slowed down by the incredible Mory Diaw (82nd). The latter will be decisive until the end and will make his 9th and 10th save in added time of this meeting. Paris is not necessarily reassured before the Champions League match against France. Newcastle while the Clermontois relegate the Lyonnais to the last place in the Championship.

19:05 – Danilo is not surprised

The Parisian midfielder delivered his first impressions after his team's draw in this Clermont – PSG: "It was a tactical match. We didn't score a goal so it complicated the game. the task. We missed finishing in front of the cages. In Ligue 1, it's always like that. It's us to unblock the matches."

7:00 p.m. – Nicholson satisfied

The Clermont center forward did not hide his goal. his joy after this Clermont – PSG despite some regrets: "It's difficult to face this team. We stuck to the game plan. We had situations but it was difficult. saved by their goalkeeper. It's good to take a point even if I would have liked to take a point. mark."

Marc Bollengier whistles the end of this Clermont – PSG. The Auvergnats can thank Mory Diaw for an enormous performance. The Parisians miss the opportunity to to take first place while Clermontois pass OL in the standings and are no longer last.

18:52 – Ruiz also takes a yellow

This end of Clermont – PSG is particularly tense and this is materialized by a new card.

18:50 – Last Clermont change

Pascal Gastien launches his last cartridge in this Clermont – PSG with the entry of Keïta at home. Place de Magnin.

What a performance from the trained goalkeeper. at PSG. He pushes Danilo's head away before doing the same thing on Kylian Mbapp's rebound.

18:48 – Konaté is booked at the start of added time

The Malian takes a yellow card after interrupting Kolo Muani’s ride. The fourth referee takes the opportunity to announce the six minutes of added time for this Clermont – PSG.

18:45 – Tempers heat up

After a foul by Kylian Mbappé on Cheick Konat&eac;, the tension rises a notch in this Clermont – PSG. The referee comes to put things in order.

18:42 – A double change for Clermont

Pascal Gastien makes a double change in this Clermont – PSG! Boutobba and Zeffane replace Cham and Allevinah who gave a lot to the team. in this meeting.

Incredible Diaw! The Clermont goalkeeper has a monstrous reflex on this little dive. of Gonçalo Ramos who found himself alone after a brilliant collective movement from Luis Enrique's players.

18:37 – Simulation and yellow card for Mbappé

The former Monegasque smiles yellow after being beaten. sanctioned for a simulation in the Clermont area. This seems to be a good decision taken by the referee of this Clermont – PSG.

18:33 – Zaïre-Emery takes a yellow

The young Parisian receives a yellow card after contesting the the decision of the referee of this Clermont – PSG.

18:32 – The controlled strike of Kolo Muani

The former Nantais player gets back on his right foot after a shift from Hakimi but falls on a triple intervention from the Clermont defense which still does not release its grip.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">18:30 – The pace has slowed down a bit;

After a quarter of an hour of madness after returning from the locker room in this Clermont – PSG, the two teams find a little breath again. dawn in the last quarter of an hour.

18:27 – Change for Clermont

After the double change of Luis Enrique, Pascal Gastien also brings new blood into this Clermont – PSG with the entry of Rashani at the starting line-up. the Place de Gonalons.

18:27 – New thrill in the Parisian surface

Caufriez is located in in the Parisian area turns around and tries to arm but he is unbalanced. by Fabian Ruiz. After a VAR check, the game resumes.

18:25 – Big activity by Konaté

At the age of 19, the Clermont winger achieves a big Clermont – PSG! He is omnipresent both defensively and offensively.

18:23 – Ramos already has in action

The Portuguese international combines with Dembélé and eliminates Morey Diaw with a hook that is too long which finally ends up going out of goal. 

18:22 – A double change for Paris

Luis Enrique tries to shake things up in this Clermont – PSG with the entries of Ramos and Zaïre-Emery at the start. the square of Barcola and Vitinha. 

18:17 – Ça goes over for Cham

The Clermont playmaker tries to get rid of Fabian Ruiz but ends up hitting in a difficult position and misses the target.

18:16 – Vitinha was alone

Fabian Ruiz finds Vitinha who had planned in the opposing area. The Portuguese international deflects with a header but misses the target. The opportunities follow one another in this Clermont – PSG.

18:15 – Gonalons is warned

Marc Bollengier comes out, for the first time from this Clermont – PSG, a yellow card. It's the Clermont captain who is cautioned after a foul. delay on Milan Skriniar. 

Just after Donnarumma's save, Paris goes on the counter and Mbappé finds the post on a magnificent service behind Dembélé. This Clermont – PSG goes from goal to goal. the other. 

The Italian goalkeeper makes a very good save in front of Konaté who had falsified company Barcola!


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