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Monaco - OM - LIVE: one victory signed Akliouche, the summary of the match

Porté thanks to the talent of Akliouche (2 goals and a decisive pass), AS Monaco dominates Olympique de Marseille and temporarily takes the lead in Ligue 1.

Monaco - OM - LIVE: a victory by Akliouche, the summary of the match< /p> Monaco 3: 2

Monaco - OM - LIVE: a victory signed Akliouche, the summary of the match

Olympique de Marseille Live

23:40 – Good night

Thanks to all and all everyone for accompanying us to follow the match on the 7th day of Ligue 1 between Monaco and Marseille.

Monaco - OM - LIVE: a victory by Akliouche, the summary of the match

You can be 21 years old and carry your entire team on your shoulders. If the victory is not his sole fault, Maghnes Akliouche can claim a good part of it and Monaco can thank its young player, author of a major performance against the hosts. Marseilles. From the height of his 21 years, the one who wears the flocked jersey of the same number will have been of all the good Monegasque moves and involved in on the three goals. After nine minutes, it was he who took advantage of a deflection from Ben Yedder between the legs of Gigot, to equalize with a spontaneous right strike placed flush with the left post of Pau Lopez.

A quarter of an hour later, he was found in a more remote position. to send a perfect pass to Balogun behind Mbemba's back. Hooking Murillo, the English striker, who had missed two penalties last week, was responsible for sending a missile to pierce the Marseille goalkeeper and put Monaco back on track. height, at barely two minutes after Gigoté's goal, it remained in the lead. at the forefront after coming out of a poorly pushed corner; by Monaco and well exploited by Rongier, Veretout and Ndiaye.

Not content with already having; well participated In the offensive festival of the first half hour, Akliouche completed his evening work upon returning from the locker room. After five short minutes, he took advantage of a torso serve from Balogun to give his team the advantage with an unstoppable left volley, the conclusion of an action at the front. a touch, starting from a clearance from Kohn, extended by the headers of Jakobs and Ben Yedder. The Monegasque nugget had done its part and its partners would then take charge of locking the deal in place. The match then lost its formidable intensity. and Monaco was content to manage, leaving no opening to change. of Marseillais, sometimes clumsy, sometimes impatient and disorderly.

Everything had started well though; for them. As if to welcome you Their new coach Gennaro Gattuso, the Marseillais opened their score with their first offensive after less than a minute of play. A lucky goal since Ndiaye missed his rebound from the left but saw the rebound deceive Kohn. We then said to ourselves that OM would be able to advance but its defensive errors condemned it. Twice in front, twice caught, then finally overtaken, Rongier and his partners did not have the resources to imitate the locals and get back together. Not without merit, they finally bowed after an encounter that was initially crazy and then more difficult.

More advanced In its project, ASM d'Hütter was able to rely on the talent of its youth to win and recover immediately a week after its infuriating defeat against Nice. Here he is, at least for a few hours, at the top of Ligue 1, while awaiting the clash between Niçois and Brestois. For its part, Marseille suffered a second setback in a row and remained stuck in the middle of the rankings. Gattuso has work.

23:15 – Clauss: "It's a shame"

"It's infuriating. We started the match really well, we put in the right ingredients. We lead once and we are equalized by a careless error. We did the job, we won 2-1 and once again on a free kick where; we are not attentive, we leave space and we take this goal. It's a shame because I think we're doing a lot of very good things. This goal at the start of the second really hurts us. We're trying to come back but we need to create even more clear chances", reacted Jonathan Clauss, at the microphone of Canal+, affected by by the Marseille setback on the Monaco lawn.

23:09 – Monaco provisional leader

Thanks to; This success against Marseille, AS Monaco temporarily takes the lead in Ligue 1 with 14 points, one more than Brest, which travels to Marseille. Nice for the shock of this 7th day.

23:05 – Diatta: "We had this desire to come back"

"We had this desire to come back, this desire to push because it’s a beautiful experience. team in front but also having difficulties. There was no need to give up. We told ourselves that we had to play our shots at the same time. background and it succeeded for us", explained à hot on the microphone of Canal+ Krépin Diatta, who hopes that AS Monaco will continue to score a lot of goals while managing to achieve their goals. be more solid behind.

Port by Akliouche, author of a double and with a decisive pass, AS Monaco came to the lead. end of Olympique de Marseille (3-2). Trailing twice in a first half hour of madness, the Monegasques found their way. the mental resources to react before taking the advantage after returning from the locker room and to manage afterwards. Unable to rebel in the second act, the Marseillais may regret not having been able to capitalize and will have to be content with an encouraging but insufficient performance against the opposition. this type of adversary.

22:55 – Sarr misses his volley

Rongier makes the difference between a quick pass and a quick pass. left for Harit. The former Schalke 04 crosses to the line and sends his ball to Sarr who fails to score. adjusting his volley, the ball rolling off the outside of his left foot.

22:54 – Last change for Monaco

Hütter breaks the rhythm in added time and brings out Zakaria for Camara. The Monegasque midfielder will only play two minutes in this match.

22:53 – Yellow card for Magassa

In the duel with Sarr, Magassa is beaten quickly and commits the foul on the Senegalese. The Monegasque defender is warned.

22:51 – Additional time: 5 minutes

The referee grants five minutes of additional time in this second period.

22:50 – Vitinha crosses too much

Veretout bursts out at the halfway line and extends his effort. The former Nantes player plays in front of him in space for Vitinha who, in a very tight corner, plays in front of him. à left, tries to equalize. His left shot is too crossed. The Portuguese then apologizes for not having seen the arrival at the far post. de Sarr.

22:49 – Kohn enjoys it

The Monegasques are unable to achieve this goal. clear correctly, Zakaria missing the ball. Veretout takes advantage of this and gives to right on Clauss, the center of which is at the opposite for Aubameyang is perfectly captured; by Kohn.

22:47 – Vitinha misses the ball

Vitinha makes the call between Maripan and Magassa. He sees a long ball coming at him which he cannot reach. touch, missing his control with his right foot in the air.

22:46 – Veretout pushes back with his head

At the far post, Veretout jumps highest to be within reach. the fall of the brushed free kick by the Monegasques. The Marseille midfielder clears his camp, while the ball was intended for à Magassa behind his back.

22:44 – Gattuso tries everything for everything

In the 82nd minute, Gattuso decides to recall Ounahi to the bench and sends Vitinha onto the field. An offensive choice which reflects the desire to of the Italian to go for this late goal.

22:44 – Balogun leaves

Scorer and decisive passer this evening, Balogun leaves the lawn the 82nd minute. It is replaced by Boadu.

22:42 – Clauss shoots over

At the entrance to the opponent’s area, Clauss tries his luck but his volé He is not under control and his ball goes over Kohn's crossbar.

22:39 – Too long for Balogun

Fofana plays over the top behind the Marseille defense. Balogun smelled the right shot and goes into space but the ball is too deep and bounces right into the gloves of Pau Lopez.

22:38 – Rongier gets a yellow

< p>Side right, Ben Yedder orients his grip on the ball so as to protect your ball. He is held back by Rongier who thus cuts off the Monegasque counterattack. The Marseille captain receives a yellow card for anti-play.

22:37 – Sarr comes into play

Remote; grounds for several weeks, Sarr makes his return to the the competition. He will be able to play the last quarter of an hour, replacing Correa.

22:36 – Double change for Monaco

A quarter of an hour from the end of regular time, Hütter made his first two changes with the entries of Diatta and Matazo at home. the place of Jakobs and Akliouche.

22:33 – Clauss takes a yellow

Côté left, Jakobs takes the upper hand the race on Clauss. The latter pushes the Monegasque full-back in the back and is warned.

22:32 – Correa outplayed

The Marseillais are doing what they can to come back but are facing a challenge. a Monegasque defense in place. Correa is launched; in the surface to left but Kohn reads the situation perfectly to lie on the ball.

22:30 – Ounahi comes up against; defense

From the side right, Ounahi hits and returns along the axis of the pitch towards the surface. There, he encounters for the first time something new. Maripan. The Moroccan gets up, overflows to his feet. right of goal but it is tight; by Jakobs who throws himself and takes the ball away from him, to push it for a corner.

22:28 – Aubameyang offside

From 30 mè Very, from his right lane, Clauss sees Aubameyang's call between Magassa and Maripan. The Gabonese takes the ball back 7 meters but fails to reach frame. The flag goes up for offside for the Marseille striker.


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