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Computex 2024: NVIDIA has amazed us again with its new technologies


All manufacturers are embarking on the race for Artificial Intelligence, with more or less success. Often an excuse to hope to participate in a movement, it is very difficult for the consumer to see the benefits of this new technology with too few visual interfaces.

If we had to elect a big winner in this AI race, it would be NVIDIA which is completely coming out on top at the moment. Whether financially speaking – the Santa Clara company has just increased its already impressive turnover by 628% – that is due to its ability to propose a concrete application of the technology.

This is how we have during the Computex 2024 took part in numerous demos of the technologies that NVIDIA is developing, and here are the most impressive to date.

NVIDIA ACE and the Covert Protocol demo


I talked to an NPC and he answered me at #Computex2024! #NvidiaACE #ChatRTX

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We had already discussed NVIDIA ACE technology together in an article dedicated to it. Remember, NVIDIA in partnership with Inworld AI uses technology to chat with non-player characters.

Artificial intelligence converts the player's voice into text, which is then understood by the character, to then offer a coherent response and facial expressions. A real dialogue is established, and we can only imagine the crazy possibilities and immersion that technology will offer to RPGs.

Precisely, the new technical demonstration Covert Protocol showed us how the technology could be exploited in this sense. Here, it was necessary to find good explanations so that an NPC would give us crucial information following the story.

With perfect transitions, an example strong character and interactions between NPCs, this demo proved to us that the technology is ready for in-game integration.

Offering game mechanics that reminded us of L.A Noire, it is however Ubisoft which should be the first to integrate its technology into its triple A. According to Brian Cox, an Inworld employee who worked on Covert Protocol, this type of title should appear in about 3 to 4 years.

G-Assist, the executive assistant dedicated to gaming

Nothing more annoying when it is necessary to do a search on the Net in full part. With the advent of crafting games, some quests or crafting processes are so far-fetched that it is almost impossible to play without consulting information on the web.

The most practical way to do it currently is to have a second screen, while still requiring you to interrupt the game to carry out a search. This is where G-Assist comes in, offering an interface that allows you to not have to leave the game.

In addition, simply ask the assistant a question orally so that he can answer. If this is already rather practical, the interest of G-Assist does not stop there, it also manages to “see” what is happening on the screen. We can therefore, for example, ask him if it is possible to craft a specific object with the materials from the inventory displayed on the screen.

Still not convinced? The technology even allows to change the graphics card settings on the fly. A technology that could be integrated with other manufacturers' APIs according to NVIDIA, opening up thousands of possibilities for voice commands.

Unfortunately, this was only a technical demonstration, NVIDIA taking the temperature of the players' side to know if he should persevere in this project.

Chat RTX, the local chatbot

Computex 2024: NVIDIA has amazed us again with its new technologies


Already available for owners of GeForce graphics cards, Chat RTX is a chatbot operating locally. This means that it does not require any sharing of private files on the web!

Allowing you to choose between several language models, it offers very useful functionalities. For example, Chat RTX will be able to sort your photos according to a specific request like “show me photos of cats” among your files, or even find information lost at the end background of thousands of PDF files. It is available here now.

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