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Connected glasses for less than 400 euros overshadow the Vision Pro

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Mainly dedicated to developers, the Frame connected glasses have just been released at a price of $349. That's a price almost ten times more affordable than the $3,499 charged by Apple to purchase the Vision Pro in the United States. In addition, the alternative that we are presenting to you today, from the brains of Brilliant Labs, is only available across the Atlantic. You can therefore have it delivered anywhere in the world, what's more with free shipping costs for the first pre-orders. These are already available online, but the first products should not arrive in customers' mailboxes before mid-April.

If we specify that Frames are primarily dedicated to publishers, it is because they are open source and anyone can therefore decide to personalize the system. ;#8217;exploitation as it wishes. For comparison, the Apple Vision Pro is powered by the visionOS platform and you can download third-party apps only via the App Store – at least for the moment. And for good reason: the American manufacturer has just announced that it authorizes alternative blinds, but that's yet another subject that we won't discuss today .

Frame data sheet

The Frames are supplied with a particularly original charging station, in the shape of a red nose. This allows them to be powered using a universal USB-C port. Count only forty grams on the scale for glasses, or almost ten times less, again, than the Apple Vision Pro. Its main competitor, namely the Meta Quest 3, even weighs more than five hundred grams according to the official technical characteristics provided by the former Facebook.

With this, know that the Frame smartglasses are announced with an autonomy of (brace yourself) almost a day. The test conditions which made it possible to achieve such a result are however not specified; caution, therefore. Even more so when we know that the basic version of the mount is therefore limited in terms of functionalities, and that the programs that will be developed by tinkerers who purchase the device will be able to greatly change the given. In augmented reality, there are countless gaming titles that consume a lot of energy. We also remember the famous Google Glass, for their part stored due to concerns about overheating of the branches, i.e. where the battery is located…

Xreal& nbsp;: the master alternative, to consider

Opposite the Frame, but more dedicated to the general public, today stands the significant alternative offered by the Xreal brand. This notably offers the Xreal Air 2, which with their price set at $399 also remains placed at the bottom of the basket in terms of price. The proposed augmented reality also allows you to duplicate your computer screen, as with the Apple Vision Pro. On the other hand, don't expect 4K definition, but the adaptive refresh rate still reaches one hundred and twenty frames per second. That's as much as a MacBook Pro or a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M2 chip.

Among the other advantages of the Xreal Air 2, we can also cite the case of their featherweight and the integration of two microphones, which could prove very useful for making calls. And for those with the best budgets, the Xreal Air 2 Ultra has just been released and will be available from next March at a price of $699. On the menu this time: a field of vision of fifty-two degrees, and native compatibility with Samsung's Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23.

  • New connected glasses 10 times cheaper than the Apple Vision Pro are out
  • It's& #8217;is the Frame, completely open source and available from April 15
  • The device is not the only one in the sector, and the Xreal brand offers an excellent alternative for less than 400 euros

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