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What is this “ghost” bug that haunts Apple Watches ?

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As advanced and modern as they are, Apple watches are not spared from some technical problems. Today, it seems that Apple is working on a dysfunction that is surprising to say the least, namely so-called “ghost“. Don't panic, nothing supernatural here, since it's mainly a bug that could launch certain actions, even though the watch has not been affected by the bug. ;#8217;user.

Apple Watch and the phantom (bug) threat

Various users are reporting a similar problem on the Apple forums, concerning the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. According to the latter, the watch tends to carry out operations, such as launching a phone call or an application, without the # 8217;user has not touched the Apple Watch screen.

According to well-informed sources, Apple is indeed aware of this malfunction, and has already launched an internal investigation to determine the origin of the problem.

What is this “ghost” bug that haunts Apple Watches ?

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According to Apple: “some customers may report that their Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2 is registering false touches on their screen.&amp ;#8221; The American giant mentions a problem with “phantom keys“, since the user may have the impression that someone is pressing the screen of their connected watch in their place.

In all likelihood, no purely technical failure here, but a small software bug. Also, Apple should be able to remedy the problem via a future update of the ecosystem dedicated to its Apple Watch, WatchOS. The American giant has also informed its technical teams that it is not necessary to replace the watches affected by this bug.

While waiting for the valuable update, Apple indicates that a forced restart of the watch may be enough to resolve the bug. To do this, hold the side button and the digital crown for around ten seconds.

Note that only the latest models of Apple Watch, namely the Series 9 and Ultra 2, would be affected by this problem according to the American giant, even if some users of ’ Apple Watch Ultra have indicated that they have encountered a similar problem.

And you, have you been a victim of this ghost bug ?

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