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Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th): everything you need to know about the series that will relaunch the saga

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Twelve films and several video games, the legendary Friday the 13th franchise has left its mark on generations of horror film fans. Also, the announcement of a new series based on this universe which will be produced by the company A24 and broadcast on Peacock has clearly not gone unnoticed. The opportunity for us to tell you everything we already know about this project called Crystal Lake.

What's it going to be about ?

This original creation is supposed to take place before the events of the films released in the 80s A group of friends spend their vacation in a house linked to a dark past. No further information has been revealed, but as Collider suggests, we will likely see a rejuvenated version of Jason Voorhees. As its name suggests, we will also deal with campers and counselors in this slasher.

We know that Jason drowned in this famous lake in 1957 due to their negligence, and we may have references to these events in the series. Regardless, the episodic format should give us time to become attached to certain characters and explore this universe more than the films allow.

A well-known figure from the franchise in the casting

We also know that Adrienne King is part of the cast, and this is to date the only official information we have on the cast. The actress is best known for her role as Alice in the Friday the 13th franchise.

Brian Fuller is the showrunner of this original creation. The latter is anything but a newcomer and we have already seen him at work on productions such as Hannibal and Star Trek. Alongside him, Kevin Williamson (Scream) will serve as screenwriter on one of the episodes.

We will have to be patient, since the series will not be broadcast before 2025 on Peacock, in particular due to the various strikes which affected Hollywood last year. It does not yet have a broadcaster in France, but we can bet that the popularity of the saga will be able to motivate platforms or certain television channels. If you like this frankness, are you interested in this initiative ? Let us know in the comments.

What to remember& nbsp;:

  • A Friday the 13th series is in the works and should be broadcast next year
  • This reboot sounds like excellent news for all fans of the saga
  • It is in very good hands, and we can therefore be quite optimistic

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