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Stranger Things: why the end of the series won't please everyone ?

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Every good thing must come to an end, and Stranger Things is no exception. Netflix's flagship series will bow out at the end of season 5, which should be broadcast in 2025 on the streaming platform. The Duffer brothers, creators of this fiction, are extremely apprehensive about this finale.

The duo recently spoke to our colleagues at Guardian to discuss this deadline. They recognize that there is a good chance that part of the public will not be satisfied.

The creators of the series fear the worst

Matt Duffer points out in this regard: “The end of series is like opening a restaurant in terms of pass-fail rate – there is an 80% failure rate, I would say . Regardless, he has no intention of creating a consensual finale. He adds:

I think a very particular way to fail is to try to appease everyone. We have a wide variety of fans that span a wide age range and I'm sure they each have their own ideas on how they want the series to end. But we don't consult social media about this.

The question remains as to how to interpret these statements. We can imagine that certain key characters will die, and this may indeed offend some spectators. Conversely, too much leniency for heroes can also be criticized by the public.

This is not the only danger that awaits this season 5 of Stranger Things. We can also fear that the actors who play all these protagonists are too old for the age they are supposed to be on screen.

For this, the production also has a parade, as the saga's producer, Shawn Levy, explained last year: “Our hair and makeup and dressing services are quite exceptional, they use costumes , wigs and makeup.”

For the rest, the Duffer brothers are starting to sell dreams to fans by specifying that this finale will be “like season 1 on steroids” with enormous drama and deep stakes, as all the heroes return to Hawkins.

You will need to be patient before verifying these statements on the ground. However, we can count on Netflix to provide us with some insightful information throughout the year 2024. Do you have any particular expectations for this conclusion of Stranger Things& nbsp;? Tell us in the comments.

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