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CyberGhost: incredible discount on the Romanian VPN

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Is it still necessary to present VPNs? This 3-letter acronym which promises wonders in terms of cybersecurity has been an integral part of the IT landscape for several years.

Designed primarily to make your data inaccessible and unreadable, Virtual Private Networks have opened up new perspectives for Internet users to remain anonymous, but not only that…

Indeed, VPNs have become widely available thanks to applications that are increasingly simple to use and at ever lower prices.

If not all the proposals are worthy of interest, the CyberGhost VPN is THE good deal of the moment. It offers a true premium solution for only €2.19/month !

CyberGhost: no concessions on security

A VPN transmits the data of Internet users who use it through a protected tunnel. In fact, the user's IP address is hidden and all information is end-to-end encrypted. This is the best option for preserving your anonymity online.

CyberGhost also allows you to block all kinds of advertisements, save money by accessing different prices or bypass the censorship that reigns in certain regions.

CyberGhost operates more than 12,000 servers: an impressive infrastructure that allows you to simulate a presence in any of the 100 countries covered. The company, whose headquarters is in Romania, provides servers dedicated to streaming, in particular to access foreign catalogs from Netflix or Prime Video.

For its VPN, the publisher uses AES-256 bit encryption as well as the WireGuard protocol. With these technologies which meet the best current technical standards, there is no risk that your confidential information ends up in the wrong hands.

Wishing to reassure its subscribers as to the seriousness with which it treats the subject of confidentiality, CyberGhost has also established a no logs policy audited by Deloitte: the company does not maintain any data records that could be demanded by authorities or stolen by hackers.

CyberGhost has integrated a Kill Switch function which automatically interrupts the internet connection in the event of an unexpected disconnection from the VPN connection. In this way, there is no risk of accidental data leaks: you can be sure of being constantly protected.

The application installs quickly on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS systems but it can also equip Smart TVs, Apple TV or even certain game consoles. And since a subscription allows connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, you can protect your devices and those of your loved ones at an unbeatable price.

The application interface is well thought out: it is simple and effective. Connecting to the recommended server can be done in 1 click and a quick search in the dedicated field is enough to select any other desired location.

It is therefore not by chance that CyberGhost appears in our selection of the best VPNs. The service is comprehensive and constitutes a choice that you will not regret. As the adage says: to try it is to adopt it.

Sacrificed price for a premium VPN: just over €2/month!

CyberGhost usually offers a reasonable price. But where the publisher really hits hard is with its current promotion: -82%. A very significant level of discount and all the more rare.

CyberGhost VPN can be purchased today for only €2.19/month. To benefit from it, no particular criteria, just take out a subscription for 2 years.

You will automatically benefit from 2 additional months free. This welcome gift is in addition to the discount already currently applied to the longest formula from the Romanian publisher. This is how the rebate peaks at such a level.

CyberGhost gives you the unique opportunity to test its high-end service for 45 days while benefiting from a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. As its name suggests, it allows you to benefit from a full refund without conditions. To request one, simply contact customer service, available 24/7 via instant messaging.

If necessary, note that CyberGhost also offers its VPN via a 1 month or 6 month subscription. The prices are then, logically, higher and these offers appear much less interesting to us. Especially with the possibility of .

You want to put all the chances on your side to unblock streaming services? CyberGhost has the option you need: a dedicated IP at -50% for a monthly cost of only €2.50/month. Impeccable to avoid systems aimed at detecting the use of a VPN on the most popular sites.

At less than €57 for 26 months of peace of mind, the CyberGhost VPN subscription pays for itself very quickly.

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