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Dating 2.0: AIs will become your best matchmakers, says the CEO of Bumble

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At the Bloomberg Technology Summit, Whitney Wolfe Herd (co-founder of Tinder and founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble) revealed a vision of the future of romantic relationships that sparked so much excitement ;#8217;questions and controversies. His idea: an AI relationship assistant capable of conversing with other AIs to identify the ideal partner for each individual. A speech that can send shivers down your spine, with clearly dystopian overtones. Should artificial intelligence and love really be associated?? This is in any case not the first time that the woman has spoken out on the subject.

A new paradigm for online dating

In Whitney Wolfe Herd's vision, artificial intelligence replaces superficial encounters and hours wasted swiping on profiles. Each Bumble user could thus entrust their aspirations and doubts to their own relational AI assistant, like a digital Cupid, responsible for navigating the vast ocean of compatible profiles.

This assistant could then engage in virtual dialogues with its peers, meticulously analyzing user profiles and preferences to identify the most promising candidates. No more endless conversations with people who don't correspond, goodbye to accumulated disappointments and dialogues that don't come to fruition! Your assistant would take care of filtering potential soul mates, presenting the user with only a few hand-picked suitors, those with whom a true connection is possible.

« So you would no longer need to talk to 600 people. He (Editor's note: the AI ​​assistant)could analyze all of San Francisco for you and tell you the three people you really should meet.” she explains.

L’love sincere in the era of artificial intelligence

The idea of ​​such a system was greeted with a touch of skepticism (still happy?) and some have even drawn a fairly accurate parallel with the episode Hang DJ from the series Black Mirror. An episode depicting a dystopian future in which a digital system completely controls meetings between individuals.

The businesswoman's statements are obviously controversial . Wouldn’t delegating the choice of one’s romantic partner to algorithms ultimately amount to completely depersonalize human relationships ? Doesn't love come down to the unexpected, to chance encounters and unexpected emotions? ;nbsp;? Replacing all these elements with mathematical calculations and pre-selected correspondences is a reality that appears, in some respects, quite terrifying.

« Everything can be purchased. Love, art, planet Earth […] » said Octave Parango in the film 99 francs. A cynical statement that could well become a reality one day, thus transforming love into a vulgar consumer product, optimized and simplified to suit. ;extreme by algorithms which would choose for us. That would be really nice, no ?

  • Whitney Wolfe Herd, General Manager of Bumble recently revealed her vision of the future for her dating application.
  • She imagines the development of an AI relational assistant capable of conversing with people 8217;other assistants.
  • A system that would filter meetings and optimize the dating system.

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