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Google I/O 2024: Artificial Intelligence, Android 15 and Google Pixel 8a... Everything that awaits you

Confirmed by Google a few months ago, the event should have a great program for its 2024 edition. be centered around AI.

Having become one of the essential meetings in the new technologies sector, the annual I/O conference is the ideal place to announce new strategies for Mountain View firm. This year, the event should provide a glimpse of what awaits consumers in terms of its & Android 15 ecosystem, & both in terms of software and hardware. But Google does not hide its interest in a point which should be the center of this conference: Artificial Intelligence.

For its conference last year, AI was already doing its best. part of the debates. To face à Following the emergence of ChatGPT, the company had launched its own Google Bard assistant. However, it didn't seem all that good. ready at the end of 2023, which motivated Google &agrav; announce a new Gemini model which will eventually replace its predecessor. This conference could be the subject of strong strategies in terms of AI, where possible. où The year 2023 was a year of transition.

When and how to follow the Google I/O 2024 conference ?

The opening conference will take place very precisely this Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. (French time). Google did not miss out on this. to advertise the event and even count on the participation of certain members of the media in the event. who they launched the invitation. Thus, the brand invites them to meet at the Shoreline Amphitheater & Mountain Review in California. As for the retransmission, you will be able to attend à the event by connecting directly to the official Google website or via their YouTube channel.

What are the expected new features ?

No list has officially been released. revealed but the rumors which have not stopped have been increasing for weeks and months, revealing major new features.

The first would concern an upgrade; software update &agrav; coming for Android 15. While the Beta version is already available, available for testing phases, it is very likely that Google will reveal more about its next update. day à come. In particular, you will have to wait until later. improvements and new features in terms of productivity and confidentiality.

Side product, the Google Pixel 8a faces à many rumors in recent weeks. Already unveiling officially last week and planned for next week. marketing in France tomorrow, the new smartphone should not be the subject of details by the brand. However, we can expect ' a teaser of the Google Pixel 9 but çthat remains only simple suppositions. You can also consult our guide on the Google Pixel 8a. 

The setting à update on Artificial Intelligence will likely be at the center of this Google I/O 2024 conference. In close competition with ChatGPT, the Mountain Review firm could play its card by communicating on the deployment of its Gemini assistant. She has already done so. indicated his will to make Gemini the official assistant for Android smartphone users, replacing the current Google Assistant.

Other announcements would be forthcoming. We can anticipate but we still don't know if Google will present the second generation of its Pixel Fold. In addition, the firm wasé fairly discreet regarding the development of the operating system for Wear OS connected watches, since the announcement of its partnership with the C' ;the famous Samsung brand. Finally we can also expect information for Google Drive and Google Maps. But to be clear about everything, you will have to follow the Google conference carefully. We are never at the end of our surprises.

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