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David against Goliath: apologies and amicable settlement requested from Apple!

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In an interview with the English newspaper The Orange County Register, the CEO of Masimo explains that he wants to find an agreement with Apple in the context of the legal case which pits it against the American giant. As a reminder, the latter must answer before the courts for accusations of intellectual property violation. It is the blood oxygen level sensor of the Apple Watch that is in question. So much so that in an attempt to prepare for the worst, Tim Cook's company has simply chosen to withdraw its latest high-end models from sale.

With this, the general manager of Masimo explains that he wants Apple to apologize, before finding an amicable solution. If the announcement may make you smile, it is no less serious since it echoes previous admissions of defeat by Cupertino. Remember: after its release, the Apple Maps mapping service created a scandal by diverting the routes of thousands of drivers, following multiple errors attributed to Scott Forstall.

The former technical director was finally thanked by Tim Cook, precisely for not wanting to apologize to the public himself. What Apple will ultimately do, despite everything.

The uses of this famous Apple Watch sensor

The Apple Watch blood oximeter can detect hypoxia, in other words a blood oxygen level below 95%. This illness can be caused by many conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), flu and pneumonia. With a blood oximeter, we can also detect potential heart failure. In other words, this small component can save lives.

We have lost count of the many stories of patients saved at the last minute by the Apple watch, relayed in the American press. As a reminder, the wearable is also capable, among other things, of detecting falls, measuring body temperature and predicting ovulation in young women. Of course, these data are always subject to serious precautions. The clinical examination of a real doctor is authentic, unlike potential false positives and other results with the questionable reliability rate of Apple Watch.

The latter are thus very criticized, because they burden emergency services with unnecessary calls, particularly when skiing. The same goes for the iPhone 14, which is among the best-selling mobiles of their generation – in the world.

A Prepear-style agreement in sight ?

Among the potential solutions to this ongoing conflict between Apple and Masimo, we can already assume that an amicable agreement will actually be found. In any case, this is how the dispute between the multinational and the cooking recipe app Prepear could be resolved, to name only the latter.

For those who have never heard of it, Apple had at the time accused the small publisher of having copied its logo… while the platform was represented by a pear. Yes, yes.

  • Masimo wants Apple to apologize
  • Blood oximeter maker believes Apple copied its patented technology
  • An agreement with the&# 8217;amicable seems hoped for by Masimo

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