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Installing Windows Phone on a MacBook is possible (video)

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In 2023, some people are still nostalgic for the mobile version of Windows. As a reminder, Microsoft officially abandoned its mobile platform in 2019. But several years later, this operating system is still regularly talked about. For example, this week, a YouTuber made the headlines in the tech press by publishing a video showing Windows 10 Mobile running on… a MacBook.

“So I did some experimenting and discovered that it was possible to run Windows 10 Mobile on a MacBook. This could be the first case of native Windows Phone running on a Mac!”, we can read in the description of this Nobel Tech video.

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If installing Windows 10 Mobile on a Mac (or any computer) has no use today, it is an interesting experience. On the other hand, the video reminds us of one of the advantages of the mobile version of Windows. Indeed, in the video, we see how the interface, initially designed for smartphones, adapts perfectly to computer screens. And for apps it's the same.

Windows 10 Mobile had big advantages

As a reminder, with Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a type of apps called Universal Windows Apps. In essence, like modern websites, these apps are supposed to adapt to all screen formats. It was a way for Microsoft to encourage developers of PC apps to design interfaces that can also be used on smartphones.

By Elsewhere, some models could also be transformed into computers, when connected to a screen, mouse and keyboard. And because the apps used the Universal Windows Apps platform, they easily adapted to monitors.

Unfortunately, despite its many advantages, Windows 10 Mobile never managed to establish itself against Android and iOS, and did not have enough applications available. And this led Microsoft to abandon its mobile projects. For Bill Gates, if Microsoft was unable to establish itself in mobile, it was because the firm was distracted by its antitrust trial in the United States.

How to install Windows 10 Mobile on a Mac?

In any case, if you want to have a little fun resurrecting the mobile version of Windows , the author of the video shared a tutorial on his website.

You will need:

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  • A Windows 10 Mobile x86 VHD image (can be downloaded via Visual Studio 2015)
  • An Intel Mac from 2006 to 2012 ( a late 2008 MacBook was used for the video)
  • A spare SATA hard drive
  • A PC with PowerISO installed
    • A YouTuber shows that it is possible to install the mobile version of Windows (abandoned in 2019) on a Mac
    • The video highlights one of the qualities of this operating system which does not failed to prevail against Android and iOS
    • If you want to reproduce this experience, the YouTuber also published a tutorial

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