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Death of Matisse: “You were a real nice guy, we will succeed for you”, the moving message from his father

Matisse's dad, 15 years old, stabbed &agrav; died last April 27 à Châteauroux publishedé a moving letter on Facebook in tribute à his son disappeared.

On Tuesday night à Wednesday, Matisse's father, a 15-year-old apprentice cook, killed you &agrav; the stabbing Saturday April 27 in the town of Châteauroux  (Indre) published on Facebook a long and moving message to destination of his son, who tragically disappeared. In this letter, Christophe Marchais calls on everyone à "put a sea otter" in a profile photo on social networks, in reference to the nickname he gave to his friend. her child. "We will remember you my big otter, we will live and succeed for you" he wrote.

"You'éwas the king of the blunder"

A poignant message. "You didn’t deserveçthat. No one deserves this, but especially not you. "You were a real nice guy, too nice even, who didn'not have the weapons for this dating that had been attracting you for several weeks' ;quot; he said about his son who had disappeared a few days earlier. The grieving father held &agrav; pay homage à Matisse, with dignity and humor. "You'éwas the king of the blunder,'étais drunké humor, even black humor. Because despite At your young age, you understood the distinction between çthat and ébadness". He also talks about "15 wonderful years past" with his son. 

"I won't see you stopping by the restaurant just for a kiss"

"The hardest part is imagining that we will no longer see each other. That you will no longer hit me in the ribbing from behind to make me nervous, that I won't see you stop by the restaurant just for a kiss, that I won't wake you up in the morning when your alarm clock has been bothering everyone for 30 minutes but you're snoring. I won't see you anymore with your pink clothes, your pink pumps" can we read. Extremely gentle words, which contrast with the horror experienced by Matisse. 

"Choose hate and anger" are not "legitimate options" in the eyes of this bruised father. He explains that this "would lower us to the level of the two monsters who coldly murdered you. No, Matou, because we are not animals and then çthat would be so unlike you" he continues. Before concluding: "Voilà my cat, this little note to tell you I love you, to tell parents to watch their children, because life is fragile, and that I will miss you again and again. never". A white march will be organized to honor the memory of Matisse, on Saturday May 4, 2024 in Paris. Châteauroux. 


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