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“The Fall Guy: Does Ryan Gosling Do His Own Stunts in the Movie?” < img width = "180" height = "240" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/j3ldpcqajxv-jsmerktxgeq=/405x540/2951d3fbd82a47a5854e4697a5ebf0db 227206.jpg "alt =" " >Réalisé par : David Leitch Avec : Ryan Gosling , Emily Blunt , Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Winston Duke, Hannah Waddingham, Stephanie Hsu Genre : Film d'action Sortie le 01/05/2024 Durée 01h54 0 /5 Donnez votre avis Synopsis Voir la bande-annonce Trouver une séance Vos avis

The Fall Guy: Does Ryan Gosling Do His Own Stunts in the Movie ?

In this action film in theaters this Wednesday, May 1, Ryan Gosling plays a stuntman. But did the actor himself achieve the feats we see on screen ?

Chases, fights, boat or helicopter jumps… The Fall Guy n'&eac;spare any stunt to the spectators. In theaters this Wednesday, May 1, this action comedy homage to a Hollywood shadow business, directed by David Leitch (Bullet Train, Deadpool 2), features Ryan Gosling in the shoes of a stuntman who has everything left behind. after an accident that almost cost him his life. But to win back the woman of his life, he is ready to do anything. return to a shoot and &agrav; leave à the search for a missing actor.

After having been é Ken in Barbie, Ryan Gosling once again shows his comedic talent in The Fall Guy. But not only that, since the actor performs some of the stunts in the film. "It's a film about stuntmen and I  “I was more than willing to put their work forward and let them do the job,” he explains in the film's press kit, “but that's not enough.” It was important for me to perform some stunts for the sake of authenticity. and to understand what they do on a daily basis. While he is dizzy, the actor is nevertheless disappointed in his performance. Take a 12-story fall for the opening sequence. "I'have exceeded" my fear because I had blind trust in the team. 

If Ryan Gosling actually directed Some stunts, the most impressive and complex, are obviously done by professionals, like Logan Holladay, Troy Lindsay Brown, Ben Jenkin and Justin Eaton, to name only those who double the stunts. American actor. He is also the first person to break the record for rolls at the wheel of a car in a film. With 8.5 rolls, he surpasses the 7 barrels made on the set of Casino Royale in 2006.

The main action sequences were performed in Also designed and created by professionals to pay tribute to the artist. this shadowy profession, unjustly shunned at the Oscars. Besides, stay well until'' the end of the film, since the credits do not offer a post-credits scene, but a behind-the-scenes montage of the film and the stunts in full view. ;#39;eye à those who worked on The Fall Guy. Below, you can also discover behind the scenes of certain scenes after having seen the film in the cinema.

Synopsis– It's the story of a stuntman, and like all stuntmen, he gets shot, exploded, crushed, thrown out of windows and always falls higher and higher… to the great pleasure of the public. After an accident that almost put an end to his life. his career, this anonymous cinema hero will have to find a missing star, foil a plot and try to win back the wife of his life while braving death every day on the sets. What's the worst that could happen to him ?

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