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Death of Philippe in Grande-Synthe: the cousin of one of the suspects indicted on the day of the funeral

A third individual, cousin of one of the first two suspects, was arrested. indicted for the murder of Philippe Coopman. He was é placed in provisional detention on the day of the young man's funeral.

A third individual had been killed. arrested for the assassination of Philippe Coopman & Grande-Synthe Monday. After two days of custody   view, he has just been indicted for "murder with ambush" and placed in pre-trial detention, indicated the prosecutor of the Republic of Dunkirk in a press release. Aged 15 years old, he is the cousin of one of the two other suspects already in custody. indicted for "assassination".

This announcement from the prosecution comes on the day of the funeral of Philippe à Grande-Synthe, in the Saint-Jacques church, in the presence of around 500 people. Bouquets of flowers were presented. filed at the scene of the attack between photos of the young man. The ceremony was held in 2008. open to the sound of the song "I'm going to miss you" de Gims. 

The teenager indicted had been arrested. attacked by several people a few days earlier. Is this attack linked to his possible involvement in the drama ? This could resemble à an act of revenge or retaliation. This is what the Dunkirk public prosecutor's office will also try to find out, which has opened an investigation into “voluntary violence in meetings leading to ; a disability of work greater than 8┬ádays".

On social networks, it's a real hunt for new people. the man who was launched since the murder of Philippe. Many posts reveal the faces and names of potential attackers and encourage Internet users to take action. find them. 

The panicked teenager's mother

The mother of the beaten teenager and now under investigation had testified to BFMTV, Saturday April 20, on his   Your health condition. "He is swollen. everywhere, his mouth has doubled; of volume", she confided The young teenager who is the cousin of one of the two minors indicted in the fatal lynching of Philippe would have problems are broken and will have to have jaw surgery.

According to Charlotte Huet, the prosecutor of the Republic of Dunkirk, the attackers stole the stolen goods. part of the victim's clothes. On Friday night à On Saturday, this 15-year-old teenager was attacked. "victim of aggravated violence", explained the prosecutor at the Parisian. The young man té transportation &agrav; hospital, but his vital prognosis was not in jeopardy. 

The mother also showed her concern for her and her other children. She explained that she received threats against her family, including rape of her 12-year-old daughter. "I'm not going to work anymore à because of ça", she confided, adding that she had contacté the mayor to move out, because she no longer feels safe.

This attack occurred four days after the death of the 22-year-old young man, in the same commune of Dunkirk. He had been past &agrav; tobacco by several people. Two minors aged 14 and 15 were arrested. arrested, then indicted for "assassination". This qualification has been achieved. retained by the Dunkirk prosecutor due to the aggravating circumstance of "ambush". They claimed to have organized a meeting with the victim via a dating site while pretending to be an underage girl. "That's their version," the Dunkirk prosecutor, adding that the theory of theft was still on the table. 

Teilor Stone

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