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Marabout accused of rape in Seine-Saint-Denis: what is he accused of ?

The 34-year-old Malian marabout Ali S. is being tried &agrav; starting this Wednesday by the criminal court of Seine-Saint-Denis for sexual assault, rape and fraud against several women.

À From this Wednesday, April 24, 2024, Ali S., a 34-year-old Malian marabout accusedé of having abused of his religious status to rape seven women, is judged by the criminal court of Seine-Saint-Denis. In this case, ritual practices and sexual predation mix. He is also being prosecuted for sexual assault and attempted rape of two other women between 2018 and 2020.

Nickname the "rapist marabout"

It all started in October 2020 for the man nicknamed: the "rapist marabout" by some women in the community West African as indicated by Le Figaro. While a woman went to the police station in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, for rape and extortion against the 34-year-old man. Ali S. had approached her a few days earlier in the street and introduced himself to her. like a marabout, assuring him that the "devil" éwas à his kits. Faced with telephone threats, and a potential curse against her children, she gives him money twice.

Later, the woman ends up agreeing to a meeting in a nearby hotel room. Montreuil. According to the victim's account, Ali S. then asks for help. practice "maraboutage". She refuses, he forces her and rapes her before leaving. The following days, the victim received numerous calls and images of voodoo scenes on his phone. The police then arrested him. the suspect.

"Our clients are very impressed by this file"

Ali S. is also a suspecté for having used the same process on other victims. Generally, the victims wanted to relieve a painful foot, to remove an obstacle to their feet. a marriage or getting pregnant by going to see this marabout. Subsequently, they were é threatened and harassed. "Our clients are very marked by this very special file. For them, the path to reach the trial was difficult, both due to the extremely harsh nature of the facts and difficult access to the right for certain victims" said     AFP Messrs Seydi Ba, Diala Al-Shaman and Julien Lefébure, lawyers for several civil parties.

"These women are plotting against me"

Ali S. harassed his victims via WhatsApp with messages à pornographic nature or photos of voodoo scenes, candles, nails, knives, etc. His objective was clear, to exploit the beliefs of his victims to obtain sex and money. During the investigation, he had invoked a "plot" against him. "It's all politics, these women are plotting against me" he declared, comments relayed by AFP. Today, he faces 15 years of criminal imprisonment.

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