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Europe remains very unequal in terms of the price of internet and mobile subscriptions

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According to the Empirica firm, in 2022, the price of fixed and mobile internet subscriptions will be marked by a large gap depending on the country. It is for example in Romania and Lithuania that fixed internet subscriptions are the cheapest. With, for example, triple play subscriptions (internet, TV, telephone) from 23 euros per month.

Spain and Hungary are also well placed with 1 Gbs offers from 32 euros. While France is rather well positioned for the price of high-end triple play offers. With an average starting price around 31.5 euros for offers often offering higher speeds.

Why this large difference in price of telecom subscriptions in Europe  ?

At the other end of the spectrum, we find cases like that of Belgium where equivalent offers are marketed from 50 euros. Even that of Estonia and Austria where these same subscriptions are offered for more than 101 euros. Elsewhere in countries like Greece and Malta, you have to be wary of single access – under penalty of accepting a prohibitive price, even though the triple play offers remain among the most attractive.

On the mobile side, prices are the lowest in Romania and Denmark, with offers for 10 GB of data + 100 minutes from €8.30 per month . France offers more high-end offers at particularly attractive prices . according to the study. In countries like Hungary, Portugal, Malta or the Czech Republic, we are in another world with offers that approach €40 per month for an equivalent service.

< p>The study explains these differences by several factors. First of all, not all operators market exactly the same thing in terms of speeds in particular. Operators like Orange, present in many markets, do not offer the same prices at all. Competition in each Member State plays a huge role. In France, for example, Free has dynamited mobile and landline prices, and is pushing for more premium offers at a reasonable price.

Regulation also remains very disparate depending on the country. Enough to undoubtedly push the Commission to take a much closer interest in the subject, in order to really bring about the emergence of a real Schengen telecoms area.

  • The price of fixed and mobile internet subscriptions still varies wildly across the European Union.
  • A situation which may seem surprising, indeed. 8217;especially since it is not necessarily correlated to the economic weight of each country.
  • Competition and differences in regulation seem to play a role a leading role.

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