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David Lametti ordered a new trial for Jacques Delisle in 2021, even though the report of his committee of experts did not reveal any judicial error .

Delisle affair: Lametti explains, but the mystery thickens | The Jacques Delisle affair

David Lametti had been

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The controversy surrounding the order for a new trial for former judge Jacques Delisle is growing. The former federal Minister of Justice affirms that he did not only rely on the report of the Criminal Conviction Review Group of Canada (CRCG) to make his decision. He said he had requested two legal opinions, however refusing to reveal their origin.

It's not just the GRCC report, he assured in an interview with the show Isabelle RicherMonday. As a minister, I am framed only by a quest for justice. I have the authority to request further evaluations, further evidence.

Last week, we learned that the report of the GRCC, a committee of jurists from the Federal Ministry of Justice, had concluded that there had been no judicial error in the case of Jacques Delisle and that the new expert opinions presented to support his request were based on evidence that already existed at the time of the trial.

Who did David Lametti turn to for these legal opinions? What do they contain? David Lametti claims that, since he is no longer a minister, he is no longer a minister? ;has no more access to contracts or documents and is subject to the rules of confidentiality between a lawyer and his client.

The Jacques Delisle affair

Consult the complete file

The Jacques Delisle Affair

Consult the complete file


There were questions raised in the documents, and I was convinced that there was something to be done again, defends the former member of the Trudeau government.

Normally, Canada's Minister of Justice can turn to the Special Advisor on Wrongful Convictions, the Honorable Morris J. Fish, a former Supreme Court Justice. Its mandate is to review applications at various stages of the review process and to provide independent legal advice.

However, in this case, that was not possible. Morris Fish sat on the Court of Appeal at the same time as Jacques Delisle.

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Morris Fish served on the Supreme Court of Canada from 2003 to 2013. (File photo)

The Minister said he still turned to an eminent person, with a status similar to that of Judge Fish. It took a while, but I wanted to be sure of my case. I knew the person's reputation, said David Lametti.

James Lockyer, renowned lawyer who worked on the case of ex-judge Delisle was not consulted, specifies David Lametti.

I can assure you that, for me, the process should be fair and equal. For me, what is important is to be neutral in the evaluation and that is what I did. I took my responsibilities seriously.

A quote from David Lametti, former federal Minister of Justice

These explanations come the day after the questions raised publicly by the director of criminal and penal prosecutions of Quebec (DPCP), Patrick Michel, who told Investigation < /em>that he expected the former federal Minister of Justice to publicly justify his decision to have ordered a new trial of the former judge in 2021. Mr. Michel refused requests to subsequent interviews with Investigation.

In an interview last week, Patrick Michel considered it inconceivable to learn, after three years of additional procedures, the existence of legal opinions.

We were unaware of the existence of these opinions. It doesn't help us understand. On the contrary, it arouses even more incomprehension regarding the minister's decision-making process to order a new trial, he said.

I don't want to speculate, but we are entitled to ask ourselves: if we had had these opinions at the time we asked them, could that have influenced our decision to continue the procedures? Just that we have to ask ourselves these questions is worrying. This is not desirable for public confidence, he claimed.

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Patrick Michel, prosecutor for criminal and criminal

After proclaiming his innocence for years and saying he was the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice, former judge Jacques Delisle finally admitted last week to having caused the death of his wife by pleading guilty to # x27;manslaughter. Nicole Rainville was found dead, shot in the head, in 2009 in their Quebec condo.

L& #x27;former minister David Lametti recalls that the GRCC was strongly criticized in the past.

J&#x27 I proposed changes to the law to precisely avoid such a situation in the future, he argued.

I never said that the ex-judge was innocent. I handed everything over so that it could be re-evaluated by the person who must do it in our system, a trial judge.

A quote from David Lametti, former Minister of Justice

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