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Details of new Tesla Model 3 Performance “Ludicrous” finally revealed

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For a few weeks now, this new version of the Tesla Model 3 Performance has been the subject of speculation or appears sporadically in the form of various prototypes. The manufacturer has finally discreetly disclosed some detailson the characteristics of this new version, the “ Ludicrous ”. A new iteration of the renowned sedan which promises to bring its share of improvements, whether in terms of performance or comfort.

Innovations and increased performance

On the menu of technical improvements, an adaptive damping system, managed by software developed in-house, will appear. One more point for comfort, which will still not make the sedan as comfortable a vehicle as the Model Y.

Un new latest generation drive mode, combining this all-new adaptive suspension control with a performance-optimized powertrain, will deliver more precise response from the car, therefore perhaps more pleasure behind the wheel ?

For track riders (yes, yes, some owners take their Model 3 on the track), version 3 of Track mode will also be integrated. This means a total overhaul of the suspension and powertrain calibration, to improve the car's balance, its regenerative braking and its various stability controls, in order to be able to push it to its limits.

Renewed design and comfort

The interior of the beast s&#8217 ;also offers a makeover. The seats will feature a brand new design and will now include side reinforcements, very useful for support, as well as improved cushions. These will also be ventilated, thus offering increased comfort.

At the chassis level, this has been adapted to increase its precision on the road and limit roll and will then respond more intuitively to the driver's commands. It will also be equipped with a new type of forged rims, soberly called “Performance”. The latter will be lighter and positioned to improve the vehicle's responsiveness in corners, its aerodynamics and its traction when exiting corners.

Without further details on the power of this new model, we know that it will far exceed 500 horsepower. However, the sacrosanct 0 to 100, so prized by sports EV manufacturers, still remains to be defined. We will know more next week, when Tesla chose to officially reveal the Model 3 Performance “ Ludicrous ” and take first orders.

  • Tesla has just released some details on its new version of the Model 3, the “Ludicrous” Performance.
  • This will include new improvements that will benefit performance and comfort.
  • It will be definitively revealed next week and available to order.

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