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What will be the release date of iOS 18 and its beta versions ?

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Apple is expected to announce iOS 18 during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developer Conference. This will be held on June 10 from 7 p.m. (Paris time). The new operating system should notably have a release date for the beta version for developers, during the event. Ditto for the final version, which Apple will probably choose to deploy officially in the fall. More precisely, we expect the update on the first compatible iPhones from September, like every year. In any case, this is the schedule that Apple generally follows.

The first beta version of iOS 18 for developers could be available the same evening as WWDC. Apple should also confirm this at the show. As for the beta version intended for the general public, this will probably require us to wait until July. Please note, however, that recently, everyone can somehow obtain the developer beta. But this is not recommended. Indeed, installing such an edition on a device can make it the victim of serious bugs. The operation is therefore especially not to be carried out on the smartphone that you use on a daily basis, for your everyday tasks.

The iOS 18 release date joins that of other platforms

At the same time as the release date of iOS 18, Apple should also reveal that of watchOS 11, that of iPadOS 18 or even that of visionOS 2, during the Worldwide Developer Conference. It is during the event that the company unveils its new major updates each year, whether for mobiles, tablets or connected objects. Apple TVs could also have a release date for tvOS 18, the future version of their operating system whose new features remain to be defined.

The beta release dates should all follow those of iOS 18; the final version is therefore not the only one concerned. Be careful, however, because we remember that the release date of iPadOS 16 was pushed back to October 2022 due to development concerns with the Stage Manager

What's new with iOS 18 ?

iOS 18 should arrive on iPhones with many new features powered by artificial intelligence. We assume in particular that some could allow the generation of images and text within the iWork suite, as Google already offers with Slides and Docs. Siri and proprietary streaming service Apple Music could also improve drastically with AI. However, here it is: the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max could be the only compatible ones, at least initially. Their release date is apparently planned for September as well, a schedule similar to the expected deployment of iOS 18 on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Also good to know: some additional iOS 18 features could be announced as available next year; or “later this year”. Their arrival would then not correspond to the release date of iOS 18. Many options had already been victims of such delays, with previous versions of the American operating system.

Among the other new features of iOS 18, we also suppose that an additional section of the App Store dedicated to AI apps could see the light of day. In addition, the layout of the home screen would be more customizable, in particular with the possibility of creating spaces between the rows of icons that appear there. display. Finally, be aware that at least four tools dedicated to accessibility will likely be announced during WWDC. This will end on June 14.

The release date of iOS 18 should be the same on all compatible iPhones, regardless of the model.

  • The release date of iOS 18 in developer beta would be June 10< /li>
  • iOS 18 would be released in final version in September 2024
  • The release date of the public beta version of’ iOS 18 reportedly planned for July 2024

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